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Do You Wish You Could Sell Your Mortgage To Help With Your Financial Situation NOW?

When it comes to a lot of investments or anything dealing with returns on investments, usually they take a few weeks, months or even years to pay off. However, when you are in a dire financial situation – you need money NOW not later. Recently I had to look online for a friend of mine because they wanted to find out if there was a way they could sell their mortgage and get money for their new house and the down payment. They actually weren’t sure if this was a probable option, but I told them I would give it a look and see anyway. I was actually really impressed when I found a few hundred thousand sites offering just this service – who knew!

I found an assortment of options though. Some of these sites want you to pay a fee, while others don’t. I would really suggest going with the ones that aren’t going to charge a fee to you. I know what your thinking though, if they aren’t charging a fee to me for the liquidation process and trust deed, then who are they charging it to? Well it’s a very obvious business decision from these liquidators – they ask you to NOT pay a fee because then you will go with them, but they do ask the buyer of the cash flow notes to pay an extra added on amount which the liquidator will then pocket.

So for example, if you want to sell your mortgage and its worth $56,000 the liquidator or company finding the people TO buy the mortgage might ask the buyer to pay $$61,000. This means they get your cash flow note, but the company (the third party) is also making money as well as the actual buyer. In the end everyone makes money and everyone is happy! Sounds good to me! A few of the websites I found online also let you post a free note yourself as well. This Note Service provides a unique link between people with notes to sell and the qualified investors who buy them.

When you list your real estate notes below you could receive real offers quickly from some of the industry’s top buyers. Providing you with a direct link to qualified buyers, the Note Service encourages quick responses, competitive bids and industry leading service. The form was really easy to fill out. It simply asked you the note category dollar amount, your name and personal information, type of property, face value, and other payment history information.

Once you fill out the form that’s it, you will be contacted by the third party of the website, and then you will continue to be contacted until they find someone you can sell your mortgage too. It’s just such an easy and fantastically quick way to sell your mortgage, I can’t imagine there being another even simpler and cheaper way for real estate liquidation! I also did recommend my friend to this specific site and he said that in a few days he received his money and that he was amazingly happy for what it did for him!

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