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Does My Courier Provide Packing Materials?

People that haven’t been utilizing professional courier services for a long period of time often have the wrong impression about the things that their courier does or does not provide. For example, people that haven’t used Phoenix delivery services at all may mistakenly assume that the courier company is going to be responsible for providing all of the packing materials that you need to get your order ready for shipping. In fact, in most cases, the courier company isn’t actually going to provide any type of packing material at all.

Courier companies simply have too much to lose by sending out packing materials with their drivers, and too little to gain. When you think about it, a courier company is, just like every other company, trying to maximize how much money they make on a daily basis. The money that a courier company makes is maximized by making as many deliveries as they possibly can throughout the course of a day. There are two things that they can do which allow them to make more deliveries. These are make their existing shipments faster, and to have more room in their courier vehicles to allow them to make more deliveries simultaneously.

The problem is that if a courier company were to provide packing materials, both of those aspects of their business would be negatively affected. It would greatly slow down the delivery and pickup process if the courier driver that you use was constantly stopping to deliver packing materials to their clients. Even greater delays would eventually be created due to clients waiting for those materials before they began packing their shipments.

The space available in a courier vehicle is something which always seems to be at a premium. A courier company would have much to lose if they always had their available space partially consumed by packing materials that they were providing to their customers.

There are a very few courier companies out there who will provide a limited amount of supplies. These are typically the companies that want everything packed in a uniform way, and usually they will only provide things such as boxes which display their company logo. There are also a few courier companies that sell packing supplies. Some of these will deliver them to you, but in other instances you will actually have to go into a store front location in order to buy those supplies.

Harry Silverman is a consultant for phoenix delivery services and ca distribution center companies as well as national courier service businesses.