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El Centro Real Estate; Something Old, Something New

El Centro is a fast growing community in the southeastern region of California. This area is referred to as the Imperial Valley. Once a desert, it’s now irrigated by a number of dams, rivers, and canals to become a rich agricultural area. The valley continues to be one of the most productive farm areas in the country.

An increased demand for housing has resulted in the conversion of much of the farm land to planned housing communities. In fact, there’s a huge housing boom in El Centro, in part because El Centro, and the rest of the Imperial Valley, offers some of the last affordable housing in California.

Although there are a number of beautiful new home communities in El Centro, that doesn’t mean there aren’t just as many great opportunities for older homes in the area. In fact, the city of El Centro has recently begun a redevelopment project for some of the older parts of town.

One of the older neighborhoods in El Centro, known as Colonia, has seen a dramatic turn around because of this redevelopment. In fact, the city of El Centro has applied for a number of federal grants to upgrade and update the neighborhood, as well as investing city monies to improve Colonia.

The city redevelopment has resulted in paved streets, curbs, gutters and street lights being added to Colonia. This area was once one of the more downtrodden parts of El Centro, but it’s quickly turning around with the influence of the city’s investment. New commercial development is bringing about a bustling shopping district. The Imperial Valley attracts quite a bit of retail traffic, due in part to its close proximity to Mexico, and the new businesses of Colonia are taking advantage of the commerce traffic.

For potential home owners without a lot of money, an opportunity to invest in a community that is turning around can be a once-in-a-lifetime event. With a little time, nurturing and sweat equity, your can watch your investment grow. Best of all, you’ll be living in a community that’s known for its sense of closeness and family; a place where everyone truly gets to know their neighbor.

It’s easy to overlook the older neighborhoods, especially when so many people emphasize “bigger is better” homes. While a new house can be exciting, there’s something about an older home, with its unique charm and quality construction that is appealing. The most important thing is to find a home you love – but don’t overlook the occasional diamond in the rough.

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