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Electronic Cigarettes: A New Alternative To An Old Habit

With the recent public backlash, smokers have increasingly been forced to hide their habit by finding corners, backrooms, or outside nooks in which to smoke. Yet there is another a new device that might bring cigarette-lovers back into the public square once again. Many smokers have begun turning to electronic cigarettes (or “e-cigarettes”) as a somke-less alternative to still get their fix of nicotine, allowing them more freedom to enjoy their habit despite restrictions on traditional smoking.

Though they resemble the real thing, electronic cigarettes are a unique device that allows smokers to inhale without creating the same smoke and ash as before. An electronic cigarette is a long tube, resembling a pen, which is loaded with nicotine and other material. The compound in the cigarette, however, is water-based. When the device is activated (either by inhaling or by pressing a button), the device vaporizes the content, creating the gaseous mixture that is then inhaled. Because no fire is used, no smoke-clouds are created, and smokers can thus enjoy their habit indoors and in places where smoking is generally prohibited. Likewise, removes the lingering smell that has turned many people away from smoking altogether. These advantages have helped make electronic cigarettes a new craze amongst young and old smokers.

These devices are maintained by battery charging, either through a wall outlet, a USB connection, or (a bit ironically) with a car’s cigarette lighter. Electronic cigarette kits are available that include all the material to be loaded into the device, the cigarette charger, etc. The battery life will usually last two cartridges, while the device itself will last for 6-8 months. Obviously, electronic cigarettes are not as disposable as the traditional form, but they offer a unique alternative to typical cigarettes.

Because the technology is so new, no one is completely certain about its effects on health. Generally, people agree that to inhale anything so much can be dangerous, but many also assume that electronic cigarettes are probably safer than inhaling traditional cigarette smoke. They argue that electronic cigarettes do not contain the same types or same levels of tar and carcinogens that regular cigarettes do.

The device should not be viewed as a way of kicking the smoking habit, and new regulations have limited electronic cigarettes to be marketed that way. Still, for those looking to enjoy the nicotine of cigarettes more freely, Offers a new alternative to a traditional habit.

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