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Enter a Foreign Country with the Protection you Need

Accidents can happen, whether you are 5 or 5000 miles away from home. When visiting a foreign country, it is important that you are protected. One method of protection when traveling abroad is purchasing travel insurance prior to embarking on your journey.

Travel insurance policies cover a range of travel-related surprises such as vacation and trip cancellation, emergency medical expenses, travel disruptions and delays, lost or stolen baggage, and more. Travel insurance may also provide emergency assistance to travelers affected by swine flu. A minor injury requiring stitches, a lost or stolen passport, a sudden storm, a broken tooth, a fall resulting in a fracture can all throw the best-laid plans for a holiday off the tracks. You may also find yourself called to return home suddenly and most airlines charge penalties for changing reservations. With a travel insurance plan, you can rest easy knowing that you are covered for the unexpected.

Most policies cover emergency medical expenses. When you cross a border, the medical coverage you have at home may not apply. Even a minor health problem can become a major financial problem. Many procedures covered when you are at home are not covered out-of-country. Some credit cards offer medical emergency coverage. Make sure that you carefully check the terms of that coverage before you leave home. It may be wise to purchase a separate travel health insurance plan.

Most travel insurance policies provide multi-lingual, 24/7 assistance as close as a phone call away. These coordinators will know how to get you the help you need, wherever you are. You can also rest assured that any out-of-pocket medical expenses will be covered by most travel health insurance policies. The cost of an air ambulance could bring long-term hardship. You may also find that you cannot return home on schedule, and that the costs of an extended stay could add up. Trip health insurance will help cover some of the living costs associated with a medical emergency away from home.

Travel insurance policy can also cover unexpected trip interruption or cancellation. The costs of changing air and tour packages are heavy; if an emergency arises at home and you must cancel or return quickly, trip cancellation/interruption insurance can give you peace of mind. Another mishap that can turn a holiday into a bad dream is lost of damaged luggage. Baggage and Personal Effects coverage can help cover the costs of replacement, so you can get on with your holiday.

When deciding on the level of coverage you may need, take into account your age and health, the age and health of loved ones at home, the length of your itinerary and conditions in the country you are visiting. There are plans available for frequent travelers, specialized packages for golfers, skiers, health coverage for pre-existing conditions, seniors, families and cruise or tour plans. The cost of most travel insurance is low, from $6 – $10 per $100 cost of the trip. When measured against the possible costs of even a minor mishap, the price of travel insurance is low for peace of mind when traveling abroad.

If you’re planning to visit Canada, make sure you purchase travel insurance Canada from a travel insurance company. Not only will you be paying for Canadian travel insurance