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Entertainment Possibilities While Creating Wealth From Home

If you ask someone who is involved in creating wealth from home with a home based business why they do it, what are some of the reasons you expect they would say? Maybe one of the reasons is they want to spend more quality time with their families.

Spending quality time with ones family often involves scheduling activities for them to have fun at. Activities generally cost money when you think about it, so hence you work at creating more money to have more money to have more time to have more fun. Hmmm , seems like a hamster wheel in a way.

Maybe you should start to look at spending quality time with your family in a different way. For example if you didn’t have to spend so much money, you wouldn’t have to work so hard, and not working as much would free up some of your time. Hence more time to have fun. Let’s examine the idea of having family fun, shall we?. From a child’s perspective sometimes, it just involves their parents sharing time with them in some kind of interesting activity where they can become involved and show their parents that they are smart and can do things.

Did you know gardening as a family activity can fit those parameters? No matter what living space you have, one can generally find a way to plant a small garden. Now I am talking about a garden that produces fruits or vegetables, however flower gardens can be just as fun, though they do not generally put food on your table. When I was a kid, my brother and I would help my Father with a family garden. It can be a lot of fun and a good learning experience for a child and when you get to sit down to many a fine meal with fresh corn on the cob and sliced tomato’s out of your own garden that are truly delicious.

So gardening can be a fun family activity, that can even include preparing tasty meals. Looking at it from another aspect, you might in a given month when the garden starts to out put some serious food, save enough money to take a trip and go to a fun place. Lets look at some other positive ways to have fun that do not have to cost a lot of money. What school district are you in? Do you have kids that are in high school yet? Consider going to some local high school foot ball or basket ball games, or even wrestling as a low cost activity.

Do you have any local colleges that have a popular sports team? Team sports can be a blast to watch. You can usually find many bulletin boards on campus that list what events are coming up and such. Playing sports in general can also be fun. Get the family out maybe with another family or two and have some fun tag foot ball games for example.

Another activity that can be fun for kids as well is preparing and hosting a garage sale. Letting kids dicker with the customers on selling old toys and such can be a real kick for them, especially if you let them pocket the money. One persons junk can be another persons treasure and you can clear out a lot of space out of closets and such. As a parent, you can take the money you earn to buy new Christmas presents to put in that newly acquired space in your home as well.

Another fun activity is back yard camping, depending where you live this can entail a tent or no tent. I was raised in Utah as a kid and the weather was fairly decent in the summer evenings. It was a real blast for me and my friends to camp out in the back yard sleeping in sleeping bags on an old mattress. Lying there in the cool summer night looking up at the stars, seeing an occasional shooting star was magical. I remember how nice and cool the summer night breezes were and falling a sleep under the stars.

I know one Father who sets up a pretty good size tent in his families back yard. This is the type with bug screens that let in fresh air. He lets his young daughters and her friends have slumber parties in it. It is complete with an electrical cord for supplying power to a fan, a CD player. The girls have a Coleman battery powered lantern for light and have a real ball staying up late, snacking and creating great child hood memories.

Do you get the drift of where this is going? Having fun with the family doesn’t have to entail going on expensive trips or saving up for future fun. It can be done now and it can be done in expensively. Isn’t that one of the reasons we established people are involved in creating wealth from home? What people generally want to be is happy, and you can choose to be happy now. Always remember that, on any given moment you can choose to be happy. Though I have to admit this often entails putting aside other concerns. Sometimes it is necessary.

Sometimes spending a little more money now can save you more in the long run and provide you with infinitely more entertainment. A good example of that would be to purchase family annual or seasonal passes to local amusement parks, or water parks. Kids generally like to go swimming a lot during the summer and paying for it individually per trip can cost you a lot more money.

In closing I will throw out a few more suggestions for having fun with the family. You can have game night where you play popular board games for example. With the advent of the home theater systems and just modern televisions, watching TV can be way more of an experience that it was when I was a kid. You can rent any new release only months after it has been out at the theaters and save a bundle and have a fun movie night.

Some TVs or Blue Ray players allow one to watch You Tube on the TV and believe me, from my grand daughters showing me, there are plenty of fun family comedic videos to watched there. Kids get a kick out of using the remote as well in finding their choices.

And speaking of the internet, there are plenty of fun online activities that do not require spending money. My teen age grand boy and 8 year old grand daughter find a lot of fun things. Face Book has many fun activities and is very social meeting place for kids and adults. Barbie dolls has a site that is a real hit with my grand daughter. So there you have it, some good examples of how you can have fun and be happy now and not have to wait to do it while you are creating wealth from home.

If you are interested in creating wealth from home , I have found many great resources here. Also Wealth from home starts with acquiring the education and knowledge neccessary to achieve it. Do you have it?