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Exactly How Much Would Car Insurance Be For A 16 Year Old

Sorry to say, but we can’t tell you EXACTLY how much would car insurance be for a 16 year old. We can tell you what factors into how much the final cost will be, we can tell you what you can do to get that price down a few points, but we can’t tell you the exact number. There are simply so many factors at play and you’ll have to call agency and get a few quotes for yourself.

That said, here’s how you can get those quotes to be a little lower than they might have been otherwise.

Get Your Grades Up

If you have a three point oh or better, then you’re likely to get much lower rates. You’re probably wondering if kids with better grades tend to be safer drivers. The answer is… Not necessarily. But, teens with better grades do tend to be more responsible in some aspects, or at least, that’s what the insurers think. In the end, all you’re trying to do is save money, so who cares why they lower your rates for good grades? The fact is, they do, so bring in an impressive report card and see where it gets you with insurers.

Stay in the Clear

If you’ve never been caught shoplifting or doing graffiti or smoking illicit substances, if you stay out of trouble at school and at home, if you’re involved in after school activities or sports and have a clean record, keep it that way. The truth is, we all make dumb mistakes in our teen years, and for some reason, people want to hold that against us for the rest of our lives… Providing that there’s evidence of it. If you haven’t been caught doing anything dumb, keep it that way, as a clean record will keep your rates low.

Buy Pre-Owned

You don’t need a new car unless you want to be stuck paying an arm and a leg for full coverage. Look, a 2000 model Toyota or a 2010 Toyota, the only real difference is how much you’re paying. If you really get down t it, anything in the 2010 model can be installed in the old model, so why spend the extra buck?

What it really comes down to is this: If you can show the insurers that you’re a RESPONSIBLE sixteen year old, then you’re going to be paying far less than the average sixteen year old for insurance. That’s still more than the average twenty or thirty year old, but it’s a lot less than you could be paying, so play it smart, stay out of trouble, and get those rates down.

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