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Excess Debt and Weight Gain

What does being overweight have to do with having excess debt? According to the experts, weight gain and increased debt are directly proportional. In other words, if your debt is increasing, there is a good chance your weight is also increasing. More and more people in both the finance field and the health sector are starting to notice that debt can not only lead to weight gain, but it can make it difficult to lose the excess weight. So, what is the answer?

If we were asked whether we would rather be fat or in debt, most of us would take a long time to consider this question before answering, because neither option is appealing or desirable. The bottom line is you have two issues that you need to deal with and I have also heard a lot of authorities on the subject say that you will have more success if you tackle one problem at a time. So, where do you start?

I would concentrate on the debt first, because as long as you have the debt your health will suffer in one way or another. Now that does not mean that your diet should be a free for all, but if you can attempt to not gain any more weight while you are going through the debt relief process, you will be able to resolve the debt and then concentrate on healthy eating. If you can concentrate on eating only when you are hungry, you will be fine. But if you cannot resist emotional eating, do your best not to beat yourself up over it. It will only make the situation worse.

Dive head long into getting yourself out of debt. I think that enrolling consumer debt into a credit counseling program is one of the quickest ways out of debt while keeping your credit intact. Most debts enrolled in the plan will have the interest rates reduced to 10% or lower. The lower the interest rate is the more quickly you can get the debt paid off. Look at the expenses you have and see where you can reduce and eliminate. Look at your possessions and see what you can sell. If you drive a vehicle that has a large payment, consider selling it and buying something you can pay for in cash, if possible.

Educate yourself on both debt relief and healthy living. This will give you the knowledge and power to make good choices. Find a way to increase your income to accelerate your debt repayment. This will help you get your life back on track that much more quickly and it will also give you the resources for being able to build wealth once your debt is repaid.

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