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Fess Up! Are you a Spender or a Saver?

If you are in the middle of marriage preparations, you may want to consider talking about your financial plan before officially tying the knot. For example, if one of you has sizable assets, you may want to consider consulting a marriage lawyer to draft a prenuptial agreement for the both of you to sign.

Are you planning on having a joint bank account? It’s not necessarily a bad idea, but a newly married man or woman may not have the same money management ideas as his or her spouse does. It can come as a shock to one spouse when the money from a joint bank account seems to be draining out faster than water spiraling down a kitchen drain.

So, here is some marriage advice: now that the engagement ring is on your finger, have those conversations about money management with your fiancé (e). Be honest about your spending habits. Come clean about your debts

Statistics show that newlyweds will argue about money more than any other issue. If you don’t communicate honestly about it now, you will likely need to get couple counseling to talk it over, later.

Get the financial planning stuff out of the way now; that way, once you’re a married couple you can talk about bigger and better things, such as family planning. Wouldn’t you rather do that?

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