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Finding Affordable Boiler Insurance In The UK

Locating boiler insurance (also known as boiler cover) can mean a significant amount of research. The first option would be the installer or company brand that put your boiler in for you. They can also offer coverage for your central heating system along with various other electronic and plumbing concerns you may have in your home. Coverage may mean anything from repairs to total replacement of the boiler or system itself, so check and compare costs.

There are over twenty two million households in the United Kingdom that rely on boilers for their hot water and heating concerns, yet amazingly these are not typically covered by home owners insurance policies. Add to that fact the steep cost of replacement or repairs done on the typical boiler, you can see where a good insurance policy is necessary to have. This type of insurance is only the responsibility of the home owner however, so if you merely rent your residence, let the landlord bear the responsibility of insurance coverage.

Normally boiler cover is in the form of a contract which calls for monthly payments in a yearly renewable contractual agreement. And there are variations in the type of coverage you may wish to purchase. These include: a full heating system policy, boiler only, or boiler plus service paid for.

The boiler only would, of course, be the most reasonable in cost as it would cover only the heating controls and the boiler itself. Adding on service to that basic policy would raise the annual cost but may well prove worth the extra because that yearly service all boilers need would be covered. The majority of households fail to have their boilers serviced and cleaned as they should, and this can be dangerous. Look for a policy that will include this service and keep your home safe.

The full heating service for your system is the most expensive but coverage includes not only the boiler and its controls, but the full system of central heating. This can include radiators, pipes, and valves as well as electrical wiring and plumbing in a total package. This policy form will give homeowner complete peace of mind in regard to any expense involved in replacement or repairs needed.

Obtaining boiler cover can be as near as your home energy provider. There is no need to be a customer in order to take out an insurance policy with them nor do you need to just be limited to your energy supplier. Look around for the best in policy coverage and costs.
There are some exceptions when qualifying for boiler cover insurance. They most likely will not cover boilers over fifteen years old. And that older boiler will not be nearly as energy efficient as newer ones so it would be a good idea to replace it.

Most companies will not cover immediately, having perhaps a thirty to forty five day grace period (in case you decide to grab up coverage on an already broken boiler). Read the fine print and don’t expect them to be at your door in five minutes even though you declare your broken boiler to be a state of emergency.

For more information regarding central heating cover and boiler insurance visit the Energy Choices website.