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Finding The Right Handyman For Your Real Estate Investing Business

Real estate investors constantly need help from contractors and handymen to get their properties into selling or renting shape, and in the case of rental properties, to keep everything working properly. One of the most valuable tools in a real estate investor’s box is a dependable, trustworthy, and fairly priced contractor and handyman. Finding someone that you can trust implicitly with your property and your business will make your life as a real estate investor much easier.

One of the best places to start looking for a contractor or handyman is from recommendations. If you have friends in the area that are homeowners, ask them what handymen they have had good experiences with and start there. If you don’t have any reliable personal contacts in the areas where you own property, ask local realtors if they know of anyone that has done good work on their properties.

Once you compile a list of contractors or handymen to contact, write down everything you want done to your property. If you have a clear idea of exactly what you want done, it will help you narrow down your list of contractors based on their skills and abilities. Once you have your top three or four candidates, ask them for quotes on the work you want done. When they come to give you a quote, make sure you get every piece of the job in writing and discuss their payment policies upfront. Also, ask your final candidates if they have contractor liability insurance and if they are members of any trade organizations or unions. Make sure you have clearly spelled out the work timetable and that you both know what to expect from each other.
After you compare your options and settle on a candidate, make sure you carefully inspect their finished work and take note of their work habits and the way your interactions played out throughout the work process. If you are happy with what they did and how they did it, get their business card and hang on to it! You’ve struck real estate gold! Not only have you found a great person to work with, but if you are a landlord, your property will be that much easier to fill because your tenants will know they can get problems around the house fixed quickly and properly.

Finding the right contractor is a bit of a process the first time around, but once you find someone great, you can focus your energy on finding more properties knowing that they will be in good hands.

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