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Finish Your Illinois Basement and Receive Even More From This Great Housing Market

The housing market is on the verge of a big boom! Get your for sale signs ready, and mark your maps with a big star on Illinois. You won’t want to be anywhere else, but the Prairie State.

No, Prairie does not mean boring. A prairie is actually known for having wild flowers and beautiful terrain unlike many of its neighboring states. So, that alone has phenomenal appeal.

If Illinois were anything but a cool state to live in, it definitely would not have the largest cookie and cracker factory in the entire world! Imagine this, in 1995 Nabisco made 16 billion Oreos right here, in Chicago, IL.

Maybe your sweet tooth is a bit smaller than what is required of the largest cookie factory. Do you like to read? Then you’d love Illinois for the simple, or large, fact that the Chicago Public Library is the largest public library in the whole world. You wouldn’t be able to guess how many books their collections hold, more than two million and counting!

Oh, not that interested, huh. Well, Illinois is a pretty unique state, full of very friendly and original personalities. You’ll be able to tell when you see all the personalized license plates. Illinois claims the highest number of personalized license plates than any other state in the U.S.

Well, if you’re a bit more concerned about the housing market than anything, here’s a great fact. The buildings are huge! Well, at least one in particular is quite large. Actually, it’s the largest in North America. It’s called, the Sears Tower. Maybe you’ve heard of it before.

Not too impressed? Hmm, well, let’s find something that undoubtedly applies to you and your situation: housing.

Your Illinois Home

Whether you are in the market to sell your Illinois home or planning to move to Illinois, the market is only getting better! According to “Your Illinois Home,” there’s a lot of beneficial information out there for every homeowner and potential homeowner to absorb.

* The interest rates are at a great place right now, but unfortunately no one can really guarantee how long the rates will remain so low. Interest rates are important because even a slight change can convert into a huge change in your monthly payment.
* If you’re trying to become a first time homeowner, now is a great time to get your feet wet. There are several ways to get the assistance you want and need to afford that down payment and mortgage. Consider contacting the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s HOME START for help with your down payment, and contact the Federal Housing Agency to answer any questions you may have regarding your mortgage.
* Above all, this friendly market will not last forever, but it has been holding out this long! If you are torn between renting and buying, please buy! According to the National Association of Realtors your net worth we nearly double from simply choosing to buy. Individuals who own their property have a net worth of about 49 percent higher than those who rent. Just something to think about before making any long term decisions.

How Can You Sell Your Home

So, want to come out to Illinois? Knew it! Now, you have to sell that house of yours. If you want to get something out of your home, you have to put something a little extra into it before you put it on the market. The best home improvement you can make is to finish your basement.

By finishing your basement you are providing the potential buyer with an added room that many houses are lacking. But, make sure you get the right contractor. The best way to find the best contractor for you is by doing some research, comparing products, warranties, services, and price. Above all, make sure that your contractor is not focused on just making a buck, but really wants to solve your problem. You have an unfinished basement, how can they make this the highlight of your home? This should excite a contractor not become a burden.

Thankfully, the contractors at Total Basement Finishing specialize in basement finishing in Illinois, and are highly experienced, successful, reliable, and efficient.