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Five Reasons The Elderly Appreciate Assisted Living

Putting a parent into assisted living is a big decision to make. It should not be made without careful thought and consideration for all parties involved. Sometimes, taking care of an elderly parent who is disabled can be incredibly straining for a family dynamic. This can lead to the decision of placing a parent into retirement homes. The fact of the matter is that this decision can be good for all involved. In fact, there are many reasons that elderly men and women appreciate being placed in assisted living facilities.

When children take care of parents, they have other obligations as well. Usually, they have their own kids, job and mortgage to worry about. This can make it difficult to give 24-hour assistance to the parent in need. Many elderly patients appreciate having someone available to help them with anything they might need at all hours of the day or night.

Another reason the elderly have expressed appreciation for assisted living facilities is the fact that they are much safer than being in a family member’s home. These facilities are well-equipped in order to take action and appropriately handle incidents that turn critical. With the elderly, one never knows when they will need immediate medical assistance. This, then, provides a safer way to handle such a possibility when it occurs.

The social aspects of a retirement community are very appealing to the elderly. When kept in a family member’s home, they do not get much opportunity to socialize, meet new people and make new friendships with those in similar walks of life. Retirement communities often host events that encourage social gatherings and provide new friendships to be made amongst those living in the community.

When parents are older and in need of great care, they are aware of the burden they place on their children. They are often relieved to know that they are no longer a burden for their children when they are placed in assisted living conditions. Being able to watch their children get on with their own lives, jobs and in pursuit of their own goals is a source of great comfort and joy for the elderly.

Something else that has been listed as a definite pro from the elderly when placed in a retirement center is the fact that they are given a sense of freedom. When placed with a family member, often the patient feels trapped and completely under the control of the family member who is giving care. In a retirement facility, there are usually more options for mobility and this therefore creates a sense of freedom for the patient. Indeed, there are several reasons that patients appreciate assisted living facilities.

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