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Foreclosure Cleanup Business: How to Effectively Fight Mosquitoes at the Worksite

Take mosquito spray to your foreclosure cleanup job site for you and your workers. I was at a worksite recently and got over ten bites within a few minutes! There was standing water about the house and in the crawl space.

I’m a “Caribbean gypsy” and have experienced the worst of insects in the tropics, but I’d never experienced anything like this. This property was a feeding frenzy. (Female mosquitoes are the culprits in biting because they need blood to lay eggs to create more mosquitoes.)

Which Brand of Mosquito Spray?

The OFF! (Deep Woods) brand is a very good spray. The nozzle sprays long and wide for quick coverage. You’ll be out less than $5 bucks in Wal-Mart for a six ounce can. The higher the “deet” content in any brand, the better. Deet is a highly effective insect repellent oil of a slightly yellowish hue. It also protects against numerous tick borne ailments.

Check Out the Active Ingredient Percentages

To find the ideal mosquito spray for your use and for your workers just look at the “Active Ingredient” content on the can and see what percentage of the ingredients is comprised of deet. The OFF! brand is usually 25% deet and 75% “other ingredients.” (This is not an endorsement of any kind, just based on my personal experience in the foreclosure cleaning field.)

Effective Garb

You’ll want to wear long sleeves, pants, hats, socks, and shoes of course, Try wearing lighter colors, too, because the little buggers love darker hues. The thicker your clothing when working in mosquito-infested areas, the better.

They Love Water!

When you’re preparing to work around especially standing water at a foreclosure cleanup worksite, douse yourself in mosquito spray before you get to the property. You’ll be glad you did, because these insects gravitate to moist areas for egg-laying and breeding purposes. Also, be prepared to encounter more of them in the early mornings and evening hours.

You Don’t Have to Smell Good

Another quick tip: leave the cologne and perfume on the dresser. If you don’t, you’ll smell great, but you’ll be a magnet for the pesky little fellers and will have the welts to prove it.

Read the Precautions

Of course, exercise diligence and make sure you read the mosquito spray precautions before lathering yourself too much. As with most products, there can be side effects and irritants that can outweigh the product benefits.

Good luck fighting off the mosquitoes on your next foreclosure cleaning job, and many wishes of success to you in your foreclosure cleanup business.

Cassandra Black, Author, How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Biz: FREE Articles/Advice, How to Start a Foreclosure Cleanup Biz, & CEO Foreclosure Cleanup, LLC.