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Forum Posting and Press Release Submission

Most forums allow you to include a link of your choice in the signature area. Some forums are do follow while others are no follow. If the forum is no follow, you don’t have to post your link there because the search engine will disregard them. You must only register your account at a dofollow forum. The dofollow attribute informs the search engine to follow and crawl it.

There are several ways to find out if the forum is dofollow or nofollow. The most common way is to install the No Nofollow plugin. The No Nofollow plugin will highlight the dofollow and nofollow link in different colors. You can also right click on a link in the signature post of another member. When the right clicks menu pops up, you have to select Properties to launch the Properties dialog box. Some of the attributes that are used to describe a dofollow link include dofollow, new window, new, and external. The attributes that are used to describe a nofollow link are nofollow, and external link.

When posting in forum, make sure your post is meaningful and contribute to the thread. If the post is not meaningful, it will get deleted by the moderator. You should avoid including links to your product within the post as it will be seen as spam by the moderator. To make your link attractive, you can customize it with colors or bold it. If you are active in the forum, people will visit the link in your signature. You should post in different forums that are relevant to your niche. You can post 1 – 3 post per day in each forum. Slow link building is the key to ranking on top of the search engine.

The press release is used by large companies to make an announcement. Every day, a lot of people will visit the press release directories to find information. If your press release is interesting, it will drive a lot of referral customers. The format of the press release is different than the article. The first paragraph is preceded by the date and venue. The first paragraph should describe the 5 Ws including when, why, who, what and where. The rest of the paragraph can provide detailed information about the event. At the end of the press release, you must include your company name, URL, and telephone number. In this way, people that are interested in your product will visit your website.

The main keyword should be mentioned several times throughout the press release. The press release should inform the users about the benefits of the products. You can also write press release to announce a new product, a charity event, and update about an existing product.

The journalist frequently visits the press release directory to find news to publish on the newspaper. If your press release is good, he will call you and discuss about the possible publication. Since the press release will published in a newsletter, you can consider removing all the keywords that are used for the SEO optimization. By getting your press release published on newspaper, you will get a higher traffic exposure.

Mascar Rooney is the author of this article on directory submission.

Mascar Rooney is the author of this article on Manual directory Submission Service.