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Frequency Three Station Lavatory

A Frequency Three Station Lavatory is a functional and stylish combination for commercial restrooms that experience heavy traffic. They can be installed in new or remodeling applications and offer the building owner a number of important benefits. The most distinctive feature of these lavatories is the fact that they can accommodate up to three users at one time. The flowing “wave” design provides plenty of personal space for each user (30 inch centers) to wash his or her hands. These lavatory systems are ADA and TAS compliant.

A Frequency Three Station Lavatory is designed to save the building owner money in a number of ways. First, these lavatories install in about half the time of traditional china lavatories. Second, since they can handle up to three users simultaneously they reduce the space needed in the restroom area. Third, they are very low maintenance. A new high technology material, Terreon, is used for the bowl construction and it is extremely durable and very easy to clean. Fourth, there are other features, such as infrared water activation and low flow water aerators that will reduce water consumption. Finally, the manufacturer is offering an optional electric tankless water heater. These tankless water heaters save money because there is no tank of water to be kept at a predetermined temperature. Water is heated when it is needed and saves the building owner money on his utility bills.

Terreon and Terreon(R)RE are the materials that comprise the lavatory bowl, molded solid surface sprayhead, and pedestal end caps for the Frequency Three Station Lavatory. Terreon and Terreon(R)RE are blends of an acrylic modified polyester resin, Ultraviolet light stabilizers, mineral fillers, and alumina tri-hydrate. They are referred to as densified solid surface materials. Terreon(R)RE is slightly more environmentally conscious because it consists of 8% bio-based resin and 25% pre-consumer recycled granules. Both materials are GreenGuard certified as low-emitting materials and they both feature a ten year warranty. Both Terreon and Terreon(R)RE are extremely durable and difficult to damage. Minor damage can usually be “buffed-out” with an abrasive cleaner or fine grit abrasive such as sandpaper. More serious damage can be repaired with an easy to use repair kit from the manufacturer. Terreon is available in twenty four distinct colors and Terreon(R)RE is available in eight attractive colors.

The Frequency Three Station Lavatory is a very popular choice with commercial buyers for other reasons. Terreon and Terreon(R)RE have numerous other advantages. Both materials have smooth, non-porous surfaces which prevent the growth of bacteria or mold. They are chemical, stain, impact and scratch resistant which will deter vandalism. They are also resistant to heat and water damage and are impregnated with UV light stabilizers. And for custom applications both materials can be “worked” with standard power tools. In addition, the support frame or pedestal is an attractive heavy gauge stainless steel design that houses all of the valves and water lines. This design is sleek and simple and also reduces the chances of vandalism. The access panel can be removed by maintenance personnel for any maintenance or repair work.

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