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Get A Head Start On The Holidays – Build Your Own Deck Chair

Nothing screams vacation like a blue and white striped folding chair. It isn’t very difficult learning how to build a deck chair; you just need a bit of diligence and the time to learn how to do so. By building your own chair, you can use your own specific set of measurements and any fabric of your choice!

Basically, a deck chair comprises of two rectangles, the smaller of which is usually narrower than the larger one by 2.5 inches. Another part of a folding chair is a U-shaped piece, usually 14 inches long and the same width as the large rectangle. The type wood to use is usually hardwood like birch or maple in 1″ x 1″ dimensions, as these woods are strong and sturdy.

To form the frame of the chair, first cut 4 pieces to form the large rectangle as based on your measurements. Drill two holes sideways at either end of the longer pieces approximately a foot from each edge. Next, nail the rectangle together.

Cut out the pieces for the small rectangle. This time, drill one hole in each of the longer pieces a foot from one end, sideways, and 8 inches from the other end, from the top, respectively. After that, the rectangle is nailed together like the first one.

Before nailing the U-shaped piece together, you will have to drill 2 holes 1.5 inches away from the end of the two longer sides. All the wooden parts should be sanded down, stained or painted before assembly.

While waiting for the paint or stain to dry, assemble the canvas seat. Hem the fabric, which should have been measured and cut to requirements with a 0.25 inch hem. Sew on 3 large, durable buttons onto both ends of the fabric 2.5 inches from the edge. The buttonholes for these buttons should be placed on the edge of the fabric itself.

To assemble the deck chair, bolt the two rectangles together at the holes drilled 1 foot from the end. The ends of the U-shaped piece are bolted onto the open ends of the large rectangle. Fit the horizontal part of the U-shaped piece into the corresponding notches in the small rectangle. Finally, button one edge of the canvas to the edge of the small rectangle and the other to the edge of the large rectangle.

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