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Getting Started In Website Flipping – Buying and Selling Websites

“Flipping” is a term that can be applied to many things, such as stocks, businesses, houses, or websites, and it means, simply, buying these revenue-generating assets at a low price and selling them quickly at a higher price. Flipping websites is the art of buying a “fixer-upper,” undervalued, under performing, or even non-existent website, making improvements to it, and then selling it at a profit. As you may have guessed, website flipping is far easier and less expensive for the average person to get into than, say, flipping real estate (particularly in today’s real estate market)!

If you want to buy websites for the purpose of selling them at a profit, then you need to consider the cost of the domain, plus hosting. These prices may be in the 10’s of dollars for niches that are low on competition, or for sites that have only had the minimum of maintenance and upkeep. With the less expensive websites, you can often do some very basic on-page and off-page search engine optimization (SEO) for keywords to improve the site’s search engine strategies and profitability substantially once the website’s stature improves.

In more competitive niches or sectors, you may be faced with learning and implementing advanced ranking and SEO methods, and this could become costly, unless you happen to be an SEO expert yourself. For most people, starting small, with the web equivalent of the tiny, fixer-upper rental house, is a good strategy. Once you learn what is involved, you can work your way up to larger projects.

The marketplace for websites in some niches can be very fluid and changing, depending on what is “hot” at a given time, and you must be aware of this when you choose to flip websites. For example, if you know the market for a particular fashion accessory is about to take off, you may be able to either buy a low-priced site to sell those items, optimize the site, and sell it. But in cases like this, you may want to work quickly, before web saturation takes place and people tire of the trend.

Finding people to sell websites can be done in several ways. Some people do searches on targeted niche keywords, then dig deep into the search engine results for under performing sites and then simply ask the owners if they’d like to sell. There are also online services that list websites for sale along with price and other information about them. While you may get a better price by searching for sellers yourself, you will definitely invest more time. So you have to determine how much time and effort you are willing to spend on the process.

Flipping websites does get easier as you gain experience, and you’re only going to get that experience by doing it. With your first website investment, start small, and keep your goal reasonable. You may even make your goal to break even. Chances are, you will make a profit the first time, however small, but until you get the idea of how much expense, time, and effort is involved and determine how much you’re willing to put into it, you’re better off starting with smaller, more reachable goals in the website flipping marketplace.

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