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Getting Targeted Traffic To Your Blog

Imagine the most beautiful painting that you have ever seen, with all the vibrant coloring and shapes that make it beautiful to you. Now, imagine someone taking a big eraser to it and eliminating all the color, shapes, and harmony within that picture. Would you still want to look at it, still be interested in it, or would you simply move on to your second favorite painting and bemoan the loss of the first painting? Would you try to fix the damaged painting, trying to recall exactly how it looked? The look of a blog page works the same way. If it is more interesting, more beautiful to look at, more people will be interested in seeing it and its content, which will lead more customers to your web site. This means, there will be more traffic lead to your web site, via word of mouth and page construction of the blog.

To keep your blog going and getting the type of traffic you want, you must keep your blogging to the areas of life that you are an expert in. If you know nothing about playing Rugby, do not start a blog about Rugby, thinking you will make money and have a ton of traffic while you try to research Rugby. Instead, keep your blog limited to what you know, and what you know well. You need to have an expertise on the subject you are writing, or readers will be few and far between. Also, do not try to have topics which are so large that you cannot have in depth discussions about specific topics that are relatable to your readers.

Traffic will come to a standstill, if you do. For example, if you know how to change a transmission in a Chevy car, but do not know anything about changing a Toyota transmission (there is a difference), then do not start a blog titled “Changing Transmissions of all Cars”. Not only will every mechanic be on your blog once to post inflammatory remarks, but they will never come back and they will tell their friends not to either. Instead, simplify the blog to the changing of a Chevy transmission and all the Chevy guys will be on your blog, along with their friends.

Do not think your intelligence and knowledge on subjects is subpar. You may know something about a topic that someone else is struggling with. The fact that you are blogging about a subject they are struggling with can help them solve the problem in a new way and send that information to their friends or family members, who may also be having that problem. They would also tell their relations where they found the information, leading more traffic back to your blog, boosting your traffic numbers.

To gain even more readers and traffic, you need to get your blog’s name out there. Networking sites, forum boards, and word of mouth is a great way to get more readerships, but you have to have great content and a topic that is of interest to readers. You cannot just put up a blog and expect people to read it, you have to advertize it well and early.

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