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Getting the Most from Your Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are among the most popular door options for homes, apartments, and businesses for a myriad of excellent reasons. With clean lines that open interior spaces seamlessly to the outdoors visually, rooms appear larger and less enclosing. Because sliding doors do not require the clearance of a hinged door, interior space is more thoroughly utilized. Sliding glass doors can be used in the smallest rooms, such as dens and breakfast nooks, to open the space onto a deck or to the outdoors, maximizing the natural lighting and invitation to fresh air flow. In humid climates, aluminum or vinyl framed glass sliding doors don’t swell like wooden doors that tend to stick on days of high humidity.

Sliding glass doors do provide less security than strong steel doors with deadbolt locks. Therefore, they are more appropriate for backyard, patio, courtyard, or deck entrances that are generally more secure by being less publicly visible and accessible. They still need to have locking mechanisms in good working order to make breaking in as difficult as possible. There are two different types of locks typically used. One is the surface mount lock that is attached to the sliding door frame with the hasp attached to the door jamb. The other is a steel mortise lock that is built into the door frame. Rusted, sticking, or broken locks should be repaired or replaced to ensure the greatest security and peace of mind.

Sliding glass doors can also be less energy-efficient than foam-core doors. Newer, high-end sliding glass doors have been significantly improved with multiple layers of glass, insulating gas, and low-e coatings. To improve the energy efficiency of older glass doors without the expense of replacing them, reflective glass film can be applied. It is also recommended to have worn weather stripping replaced by experienced installers to reduce air leakage.

Prolonged use of sliding glass doors places pressure on the wheels, rollers, and other parts of the track that can result in difficulty in opening and closing the door with ease. Sticking can also result from rust or corrosion of the hardware. Often individual pieces can be replaced to restore the door to function. Experienced sliding door repair services can replace the entire track if necessary to save significantly in cost over replacing the entire door.
If you have an older sliding glass door that isn’t functioning the way it should, whether it be from sticking, a broken handle, latch, or lock, or if you want to save money on energy bills with new weather stripping, don’t replace it, repair it.

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