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Getting Traffic To Your Website Using Your Blog

Would it be great to have a traffic cop on your website directing all shoppers to your products? It would also be great to have that cop keep the shoppers at your website until they buy everything on your site before they left. Unfortunately, there is no such traffic or shopping cop that is available for a web site store, yet. There are, however, way to get traffic into your web site and keep them coming back, thus spending their money at your website as opposed to your competition’s website.

One of these ways to attract and sustain traffic to your website is to have a blog. Now, you cannot just post anything about everything and expect the traffic to come like a highway to your website. There are several things that a successful, high traffic blog has. One of those things is that your readers or traffic keeps coming back to your site.

They have to find your blog interesting enough for them to spend their precious time reading the blog. They need to find interesting topics in the blog to recommend your blog to their friends, thus creating more traffic to your web site. If you cannot keep the traffic flowing, or the readers interested, they will not be coming back and your web site will become a ghost town.

The way to keep the traffic flowing is to let your readers know that you are knowledgeable and competent to discuss the topics on your website. You need to know what you are blogging about. You should know all the details and the major issues of the topics that you are blogging about. For example, a teacher who blogs about police issues would not have a lot of traffic, unless they were a police officer before becoming a teacher. Sometimes, they are the same thing, especially in junior high school.

However, if that teacher has only seen a police car or spoken to an officer on rare occasions, the blog would be useless and have no traffic. On the other hand, the teacher who blogs about issues which regard education and children will have a lot of traffic because that is the field in which they are an expert. This would also lead to specific blogs regarding topics like reading for Kindergarteners versus reading with third graders.

To gain more traffic, it would be wise to find other blogs similar to yours and add constructive comments on their blogs that would lead the reader back to yours.

This will also add more traffic to your site, especially if you use the “cliff-hanger” technique, posting some of the information on the other blogger’s site, and then adding your link for more information on the topic.

For example, if the other site is blogging about teaching spelling to third graders and you have a game that can help the students remember how to spell the words, you could state that you have had success with the game method of teaching, then add a link with the keywords “games to try” to your blog, with a detailed account of the game, rules, and how successful it was on your blog. This will add more traffic, as teachers are constantly looking for ways to improve their student’s learning and retention.

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