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Getting Website Visitors to Subscribe to Your Newsletter

Important as it is to get traffic to your website, what you really want is repeat traffic, new visitors, sign-ups to your newsletter, and eventually some profitable sales from your list. The bigger your list of subscribers, the greater your potential for earning.

There are many ways to capture and build your opt-in list of subscribers. One way is to join a lead-generating company such as Push Button Leads. Once you have an account, you can set up an ad title and description with your URL. The lead company will then send your ad out to high traffic websites to collect subscribers for you automatically. Those subscribers will receive your pre-written newsletter emails from your auto-responder. By receiving your auto-respond emails on a regular basis, you will start to build trust with your subscribers until eventually they may decide to buy one of your products or services. Not only that, but once you have a list of opt-in subscribers, you can send them broadcast messages at any time to promote new products and special offers to a list who is already motivated to respond, thereby increasing your chances to make a sale.

Another good way to capture opt-in subscribers is by showing a splash or lead-capture page on traffic exchange sites. A splash page will be short and sweet, promoting a free-product such as an e-book if visitors subscribe to your newsletter. Those who visit traffic exchanges will see your ad or splash page, and can subscribe to your newsletter right there. Offering a freebie that has value is one of the best ways to get people to subscribe to your free newsletter.

When people visit your website, there will be a place for them to subscribe to your newsletter, but not everyone will subscribe if they are looking at other information on your site. So it is often helpful to have a pop-up right on your website and/or sales page to remind people to subscribe. This pop-up can be pre-set to display after a number of seconds, to display half way down your page, or to display just before the visitor leaves your website.

You can also buy leads/subscribers from other places such as your auto-responder service. Be sure also to have a content-rich site that the search engine spiders will find, and many links pointing back to your site to increase your traffic, and thereby increase your sign-ups and sales.

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