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Going Green With The Products You Use At Your Commercial Space

With the planets natural resources becoming a growing concern, it only seems fair to try and save as much water, energy, gas, and oil as much as possible. We have various products and tips that will assist in the reduction of the amount of resources it takes for a business to operate, such as the incorporation of automatic hand dryers and wash fountains.

Recycled plastic products help reduce the amount of plastics that are filling up landfills, while having bike racks accessible can be a great alternative for those that prefer this method of transportation over gas guzzling automobiles.

Recycled HDPE Plastic Lockers

We carry numerous recycled solid plastic products. Plastic lockers that are made with 30% post-industrial recycled HDPE plastic are a great alternative to your wood or metal locker options.

They come with many other benefits as well. Recycled plastic lockers will not warp or rust like other materials. Furthermore, you will not have to continually repaint them in order to keep their color looking fresh and new. The same goes for our plastic partitions and plastic benches.

By updating the room in your business with something such as this you will be helping to reduce the landfills and providing an attractive addition to your business.

Conservative Infrared Faucets

Many businesses are incorporating these faucets and have noticed a reduction in water operating costs; these green products that use infrared controls use less water than conventional faucets.

They also reduce the amount of space they take up and the energy needed for them to operate. By choosing an infrared wash fountain, you and your business are not only helping conserve these resources, but you will also be reducing the cost of your water and energy bills.

Automatic Hand Dryers

Purchasing paper products to clean or dry ones hands becomes quite expensive for a business not to mention the effects that it poses for the environment. By eliminating this one simple aspect you will be killing two birds with one stone.

Automatic hand dryers are offered in various styles so you can choose which works best for your restroom facility. Automatic hand dryers reduce the amount of paper a bathroom uses while still using less energy than your other options.

Some of our models use 80% less electricity by drying hands three times faster than conventional hair dryers. There are several different materials used for the cover, including stainless steel, cast iron, and porcelain enamel so you can decide what matches your other restroom accessories.

By reducing the amount of surfaces a customer touches in a public restroom by using automatic hand dryers, you will decrease the amount of germs and bacteria that spreads from contact.

Bike Racks Benefits

Bike racks are an excellent way to promote alternative transportation. By having a bike rack available to your customers, those that live within a certain distance can choose to ride their bike to the store, gym, library, or to work each day.

This will help reduce the amount of gas and oil each person uses every day while also promoting fitness. Bike racks give people a safe and secure place to keep their bike when not in use. By having this option available, more people will use this to not only save money, but to conserve oil and gas as well.

Planet Saving Materials

Saving money on energy bills is only one reason to turn to green products. Automatic hand dryers, automatic wash fountains, plastic lockers, plastic benches, plastic partitions, and bike racks all help the planet, and your operating costs, in their own unique way.

Whether it is reducing the amount of paper used each day, minimizing the amount of water and energy it takes to wash ones hands, or to encourage customers and employees to ride their bike, these green products will help conserve the planets natural resources while benefiting each individual person using the product. By incorporating a few environment friendly aspects into your business not only will you be reducing your businesses carbon footprint but you will make your business more inviting to your potential customers.

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