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Going Tiki – Planning a Tiki Party

If you plan on decorating you backyard parch with an island theme, tiki torches are an important part of your outdoor décor. So is the use of bamboo and colorful tropical flowers. To better set the mood it is important to understand what the tiki culture is. Tiki is a culture that was began in the US in the mid 1930s. It started when a restaurateur opened establishments in the US that served Asian cuisine accompanied by rum based punches. The décor featured what we know today as tiki torches, flower leis, colored fabrics and rattan furniture. The whole tiki concept took off soon after that. Tiki parties are now an important part pf summer time fun.

Tiki Visual Effect

The use of Tiki torches can line the walkway to the party site or torches can be placed around the porch, pool or in the garden. This is one of the main ingredients to provide the tiki visual effect. There are many different types of tiki torches, the ones used for this party are the ones on bamboos with the top of the tiki torch including a woven holder where the plastic container is filled with tiki torch fuel. These torches can burn for several hours. The top of the bottle has a cap which allows the tiki torch to be stored when not in use.

Some Safety Tips for Tiki Torch Use

• Make sure that you have secure base. There are different ways of anchoring your tiki torches. You can place the tiki torches in a PVC pipe that acts as a sleeve and partially bury the pipe in the ground. You can also use a decorative bucket filled with gravel to anchor the torches.

• Remember tiki torches are open flames and need to be treated as such.

• Keep all tiki torches fire head at least 6 feet away from anything that is combustible. Don’t put them under awning or tree branches

• Make sure you have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of an accident.

• Remember to use only the recommended fuel in your tiki torch. Read instructions provided with the tiki torches.

• Use the torches in a well ventilated area. Remember tiki torches are designed for outdoor use only.

• As with any open flame keep children away from lit tiki torches.

• Make sure the tiki torches are made from non flammable materials. Go for safety and quality rather than price.

Use leis as part of your outdoor décor. Present leis to your guests as they arrive. For the outdoor furniture, you can use rattan furniture or some similar outdoor furniture.

Tiki Taste

Serve tropical drinks with interesting straws and interesting tropical names. Provide a menu of food from the south pacific. There are many websites that provide an array of suitable recipes.

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