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Google AdWords for Realtors

Congratulations! You have the professional Real Estate web presence you have always wanted. Now that your business is online, Pay Per Click Advertising is the best possible online tool to let the world and your real estate clients know about your new real estate website.

If you’re not familiar with Pay Per Click marketing, you’re in for a treat. When people search for products or services online, they search by using keywords or keyword phrases. If you were to do a search on Google for “real estate” or “homes for sale”, you will see that the top spots in the search results are occupied by large nationwide real estate companies or companies that provide real estate services of some sort. These companies spend tens of thousands of dollars every month to maintain their high page rank in the search results. At first glance, you might be saying to yourself, yikes, how can my real estate website compete with that? Here’s the good news. You don’t have to! Pay Per Click Advertising can put your ad right along side the big boys. The answer is simple. You don’t want your ad for your real estate website to come up in the search results for “real estate”. That’s too broad. You need to be more specific. For example, you want your ad to be shown when someone searches “real estate in Glens Falls” or “homes for sale in Glens Falls” or “real estate listings in Glens Falls”. If you’re a Realtor in Glens Falls, that’s where you’re potential customers are looking. Your customers won’t type in “real estate” when they do their search. They will type in “real estate in Glens Falls”. The “natural” search results listings will most likely be dominated by the big companies, but guess what? Glance over to the right and you can see your ad for your real estate website right along side the big boys.

Why is Pay Per Click Advertising Important for My Real Estate Website? If you’re a Realtor, having a professional Real Estate web presence will be an essential part of your business. However, just having a website will not guarantee success. You need to market your website. If your clients don’t know you’re there, you may as well have a lemonade stand in the middle of the desert. You might have the best lemonade in the world, but, if no one can find you, you’re not going to sell much lemonade.

Pay Per Click Advertising is the fastest, most cost effective way for you to start marketing your website. In real estate, one good listing, or, buyer can turn into thousands in commissions. Your website being seen is important, but being seen by the right people is even more important. Grab a piece of paper and jot down some of the keyword search terms a client in your area might use to search online for your real estate services. You might find putting together a list of fifteen or twenty keywords takes no time at all. If just five people in your area search each of your ten to fifteen keywords every day, that’s fifty to seventy five potential clients that won’t see your website. That’s every day! Type one of your keyword search terms into Google, chances are, you will see some of your competitors websites listed.

Would you like to see your Pay Per Click ad, for your real estate website right next to the results for your competitor’s websites? Real Estate is a competitive business. You should be competing for those leads. That’s why Pay Per Click advertising is important for your real estate website.

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