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Green Office Furniture – The Environmental Approach to a Beautiful Office

As a business owner or office manager your number one goal when furnishing your new space is typically going to be to save money. You want to create an appealing work environment for not only your employees but, your clients as well. With all of the choices we have today it is easy to get caught up in the wonderful world if new furniture. Thousands of finishes and styles available at sometime outrageous prices. What if I told you that you could purchase office furniture at a fraction of the price of new while helping the environment and keeping jobs in America? Sounds good right? Well in this article I am going to help you make the right decisions for your business, the environment, and our country.

Over the past 15-20 years the office furniture business has gone from a mostly American based manufacturing business to an import business supplied by the likes of China, Korea and Mexico. Even the large American based office furniture manufacturers have turned to outsourcing in order to try and save money while still calling there products American made. The truth is there are very few office furniture companies still manufacturing their products in the US and the ones that do are mostly buying there parts from foreign suppliers.

Therefore it is fair to say that the cubicle you or your employees are sitting in may have been assembled in the United States but, have been assembled with parts from all over the world. This poses two major problems. The first being the fact that foreign companies do not use recycled material on a regular bases. Typically a Chinese made product will be made mostly or completely of new materials which in turn helps to deplete the worlds natural resources on a great scale. The second problem is the fact that jobs that would normally be going to American workers are now going to overseas workers instead. We can help change this one office at a time.

When purchasing furniture for your new office think about this. If you are to purchase refurbished office furniture rather than new you would not only be helping the environment but, the American workforce today. Refurbished office furniture as an alternative to new provides you with the same choices of new but, with the option to not only reuse existing furniture but, to use recycles materials during the re-manufacturing process as well.

When selecting an office furniture dealer there are a couple of key questions you may want to ask. Will you be using recycled materials such as fabric, wood and steel to re-manufacture my office furniture? Although you will be reusing the core parts of used office furniture for re-manufacturing the use of recycled materials is just as important. The next questions is what is your method of painting? Simple spray booths allow a large majority of the harmful chemicals to be released into the air. A company that uses electrostatic paint or powder coating would be preferable as they are less harmful methods of painting. Finally is all of their materials and labor provided by American companies? Keep it in the family so to speak.

By following these simple steps your are not only going to be able to save your company up to 80% off of new but, you will be helping your country and the earth. Another great alternative to new would be as is used office furniture. Unfortunately or fortunately depending how you look at it, with today’s economy there are amazing deals to be had on used office furniture and used cubicles. With companies going out of business or downsizing you can find used office furniture in mint condition for a small fraction of what its original owner paid for it. We can all make a difference in the world today. Do your part by buying recycled or used items whenever possible. Your children will thank you for it.

Ron Sassano Owner of multiple office furniture retail and wholesale businesses. 16 years in the industry. Specialist in Used Office Furniture and used cubicles