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Green Tea Abdominal Fat

Not only that, it can also ruin you as a person but also making your health in risk. You might get a heart attack because of that.

A recent study shows that men and women who are living their lives for almost a year or two and having zero exercise at all is said to have an increase their abdominal fat. A daily exercise is needed in order for you to maintain your body fit and healthy. A daily walk in the park will do, or even climbing in the stairs at your corporate office. It will help lessen your visceral fat.
It is also found that a total of 24 hours of control movement will increased the nitrogen and increased in nitrogen will end up your muscles cells dying without the exercise it needed.

The most ideal things you can do are to reduced calorie intake and increase your exercise habits. In life, you can’t avoid everything that is tempting you but all you need is focus on your goal and respect for your self.

Good news for you, research has found that drinking green tea might help you with your abdominal fat. A study says that the chemicals in the tea could help you prevent from the intraperitoneal belly, concentrations up to 76%.

According to a research that happened in Japan, they have tested mice for over 16 weeks to show the difference between a mice taking up the tea and vice versa.

They also tried to experiment the mice with the following diets below:
Controlling diet
Controlling diet mix with whole of it.
Controlling the diet thus mixing it with caffeine.
Controlling the diet additional of thiamine which is a rare amino acid protein.
And many more combining different chemicals together with the tea.

As a result of the experiment after the 16 weeks of isolation, the groups which has a lot of it intake has lose its weight and abdominal fat than the other group.

You see the difference?
Daily intake of it makes a difference. It can be a life changing for everyone. Drinking it daily is an easy additional work for your lifestyle. It is recognized worldwide and it is said to be safe for thousands of years. However, you may also consult your doctor before taking these especially for those people who have health disease. You should know first whether it may or may not affect your condition. Always be on the safe side, don’t take risk although green tea is safe, it may not suite your body’s need.

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