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Herbal Cigarettes

Ever since you were a child, you must have been repeatedly told or made aware, at each and every point of life, that smoking is injurious to health and smoking kills. Yet, the whole harm factor associated with a cigarette, at some point of time, would have done a little, if not anything at all, to prevent you from indulging in a bud or two. Many times this carousal would have eventually taken over your being, as a habit, difficult to give up further putting you at the risk of life and long term harm. Nicotine present in the tobacco of the cigarette is the one to be primarily blamed for the harmful, addictive and psychoactive effect, which has off late earned the cigarette a wicked distinction of being a killer. One of the several ways to get rid of the nicotine addiction and stop smoking is by switching over to herbal cigarettes, available online at our website, from the conventional tobacco ones. You might be wondering what an Herbal Cigarette really is and what it contains?
An herbal cigarette is quite similar to the normal tobacco cigarette sans the tobacco. The tobacco here is replaced by certain herbs, some of which have stimulating effects similar to nicotine present in tobacco, thus helping you fight addiction by substituting them, while few others have some beneficiary health effects to help you out rather than harm.

The content of Herbal Cigarettes may vary from red clover & rose petals to Corn Silk and lemongrass. Sometimes many herbs might be mixed together to get better stimulating and health benefiting effects. Red clover is a good alternative for tobacco as it exhibits beneficial effects like curing bronchitis, cough and sore throats. Similarly rose petals have an aromatic property without any harmful compounds like nicotine, making them an excellent substitute for the foul smelling cigarettes. Marshmallow is also a popular ingredient in Herbal Cigarettes due to its effectiveness in improving the urinary and respiratory disorders and conditions. Apart from these, mints and lemon grass have an excellent soothing effect, are helpful in fighting various oral and respiratory ailments including cough and cold and act as an excellent substitute in the Herbal Cigarettes. Ginseng, an herb typically used in Asian countries for curing a broad spectrum of diseases, is now being used in the herbal cigarettes as well to bank on its beneficial effects. Some famous brands manufacturing the herbal cigarettes can be ordered online from our website.

Though smoking Herbal Cigarettes is possibly a better alternative to their counterpart Tobacco and Nicotine Cigarettes because they do not contain nicotine, smoking in itself is dangerous due to the production of tar and carbon monoxide, hence it’s always recommended to quit smoking.

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