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Hockey: How to be Allowed to Watch

You cannot walk down the street in most Canadian cities during the hockey season without hearing chatter about “the big game” that happened the night before. Opinions are freely expressed about players, coaches, teams, and games. People love to play it, watch it, and especially talk about it. The excitement hockey can bring is an ever intoxicating feeling for the majority of Canadians. Emotions can run high as people experience the thrills winning and the disappointment of defeat through their favourite teams. It is a passion that many Canadians live and die for. Many people feel hockey has grown past its status as a common sport into something bigger than us all. It is something that cannot be explained with words.

Hockey is an ever growing sport in Canada. Calling it a sport in Canada is almost downplaying the importance of it for Canadian culture. It is more of a way of life. We play it, watch it, bet on it, join hockey pools and talk about it daily. The passion and excitement we feel when the puck drops at the start of the season until we see the Stanley Cup raised at the end makes it a truly special experience. We live it with our families and friends. We support it by buying tickets to games, purchasing hats and sweaters of our favourite teams and players, and by collecting memorabilia such as hockey cards. As Canadians we never seem to get enough of the sport we love. This drives the passion which transforms hockey from a common game to the ultimate Canadian icon.

We all have to grow up. Unfortunately that is a cold hard fact. We all grow up and get a job, that’s a given. The majority of us also decide to get married and the majority of married people decide to have children. I myself am in my early thirties, have a wife and two beautiful children. For those of you that think raising two kids and pleasing a wife is a piece of cake, it is not. Not even close. So how do I manage to make everyone happy, get my work done and be able to watch some hockey on a Saturday night? It is not easy, but here are some things I’ve learned that can help you sneak away to watch that big game, or have it be ok to invite a few friends over to enjoy it with you.

1. Put in some extra effort to get things done around the house.

This may sound easy, but a lot of times its not. When you have a few kids running around the house messing things up, you can feel like you’re working in a daycare. The best approach to get the kids to settle down is to pull out one of their favourite movies. When they are sufficiently engrossed, take some time to pick up around the house, sweep the floor, and dust some tables. This will make your wife happy, and it makes your game watching environment less cluttered so you can relax while watching. If you don’t have kids, you really have no excuse to be lax on the jobs around the house. Get off your butt and mop the floor. Your wife will be pleased.

2. Put the kids to bed early.

The big game is coming up and it starts at 7:30PM, but the kids don’t normally go to bed until 8. What can you do? Spend some extra time with your kids in the evening and play! Make sure the kids are expelling a LOT of energy running around and playing games. This will make it much easier to sell the idea of early bed. Once the kids are tired, slap some pyjamas on them, read them a story, kiss them goodnight and prey to god they fall asleep. This will also get you some brownie points with the wife and maybe you’ll get to have a few friends over too. If you don’t have kids, see the latter part of step 1.

3. Offer to do monotonous work while the game is on.

Yes, we all hate to do laundry, but here’s the secret of laundry. It actually is easy to fold clothes, and it’s so monotonous and boring that you don’t really have to pay close attention to what you’re doing and can focus on the big game. Your wife will be pleased that she doesn’t have to do it herself, and it will give you the freedom to watch the big game while doing it. Note: You do not need to have kids to offer this service to your wife.

So there you have it, three sure fire ways to make it easier for you to get your sports in when life has you bogged down with responsibility. Make your wife and kids (if you got them) happy and enjoy that special game today!

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