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Host Travel Agency: Facts and Figures You Need to Know

Because of the Internet, home-based businesses have proliferated over the years with people beginning businesses as diverse as craft selling or transcription services. The lure of being one’s own boss and being able to work from home while generating an income has turned a lot of people into home business entrepreneurs. A travel agent home business is just one of the many existing types of home-based jobs available for everyone. Many who have are in the travel agent business have found it satisfying, both personally and financially. For those who want to give it a try, one of the first things they need to consider is whether they should go with a host travel agency or not. It is an important decision that will have a big effect on how one’s business will grow.

Before discussing the advantages or disadvantages of aligning one’s business with a host travel agency, it is important to know exactly what it is and what its functions are. Simply put, a host agency is a company that hosts or provides the businesses of home based travel agents. A good analogy for this system would be to consider the host agency as a “franchisor” and the home based travel agent as the “franchisee.” The analogy works, because in the franchise system, interested individuals can purchase a franchise from the franchisor for a specific amount, and in return, it gets the business plus other additional things. This is basically how a host travel agency functions or operates.

The host agency would be responsible for the training of a home based travel agent, his travel agency tools, the business set up, the paperwork for operation, and commission agreements between the travel suppliers. Not only that – most host agencies even assist in the operation of the system and even give marketing support to its people. The main advantage of going with a host travel agency is that it saves a lot of time. On one’s own, setting up a travel agent home business can take months or years, but with a host agency, it can take only a week or two. The disadvantage is that some host agencies do not pay high commissions to their agents.

If one has decided to go with a host travel agency, it is crucial to choose the right one. There are dozens of bogus host agencies in the market that promise wealth but only take one’s money. One will know if a host agency is a reputable one if it is working with successful home based agents. It should not also have pending or unresolved complaints against them and should constantly provide support to their agents. A host agency that is free to join is most often than not a scam agency, because the money one pays is actually used to purchase the tools and training that one needs.

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