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Hotel Peru offers you the best price

Cajamarca is a department located at north of the Peruvian territory. It is an interesting destination to spend some free days. Formerly, the city of Cajamarca was transformed by the Inca Empire into a significant administrative, military and religious center but now is a popular tourist place. Cajamarca as well as Cuzco are famous for their Historical and Cultural Heritage. Visiting Cajamarca is a decision that you will never regret. The best way to arrive to Cajamarca is by airplane, the travel by car or bus is really long. If you are traveling, you will need a spacious Hotel Peru.

A tour around the main archaeological sites in Cajamarca should include the following places: the Museum of Religious Art, the Cathedral, Main Square, San Francisco Church, Monumental Complex Bethlehem, Historical Center and the Rescue Room. This last site is the most famous one because here the Inca Atahualpa filled with pieces of gold and silvers a big room to obtain his freedom from the Spanish conquerors. It is a must stop, don’t forget to take pictures. A Hotel Peru can give you more information about some local traditions.

Cajamarca is also perfect to rest; its famous thermal waters make this city a recognized place. Cajamarca is a town with colonial architecture and with a notorious Spanish influence. Part of Cajamarca’s territory belongs to the jungle, for this reason, the city has many green areas like the oldest National Park of Peru, Cutervo. Cutervo National Park is located at 260 kilometers from Cajamarca. Here, you will see a wide variety of flora and fauna. Exploring Peru is exploring part of the history, book a Hotel Peru and enjoys it.

Near Cajamarca are located Iquitos and Piura, two popular destinations to visit too. Peru is really amazing to explore at any time. First and foremost, you will need to find a cheap Hotel Peru to save money for other things. The popular Linda Mc Cain Smith writes articles about different subjects. She travels the world looking for adventure and interesting topics. Plan a stay at Cusco Hotels.