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How Apartment Building Security Cameras Can Protect Your Tenants

Most apartment buildings are occupied by tenants that are single women, seniors, or single moms with maybe one or two kids. For all tenants the biggest concern when looking for a place to live is how secure and safe the apartment complex is.

It comes as no surprise that most apartment complexes older than 10-15 years have little security in their buildings. That deficit places them at a huge disadvantage compared to newer buildings. Older buildings that have been updated with a security camera or security camera system are even in better shape competitively when it comes to this important consideration.

Security cameras located indoors and/or outdoors send a message that ‘we are concerned about our tenants’ security and safety.’ Well placed security cameras can also act as a deterrent to vandalism of the property and protection of tenants’ vehicles.

One option is an IP camera that plugs directly into your computer or DVR. This reduces system hardware costs. Because this camera uses an IP address to send video it allows you to view remotely from anywhere. Up to 16 cameras can be supported. Some cameras have night vision up to sixty feet. Indoor and outdoor models and wired and wireless options exist.

The high speed dome camera with pan tilt zoom (PTZ) capability is perhaps the most sophisticated camera in the world today. It has indoor and outdoor use capability. It has 360 degree monitoring with an amazing 216 X zoom making it the perfect tool to monitor big areas link building perimeters and parking lots.

Another option is a complete surveillance system with as many as 16 cameras and more.
A complete system takes all the guesswork out of the equation and of course gives you great coverage both indoors and/or outdoors.

A security camera for your apartment building can solve some of your most severe security needs. They can be an even better deterrent than a burglar alarm or a security guard. A camera can be used to identify the bad guys catching them red handed indoors or outdoors.

Security cameras used to be a luxury for apartment buildings. Now they have become a necessity. Insurance companies will give you a discount if you have a good security camera system for your building too. No matter what type of building you own you need a security camera for it.

Can you use a security camera for home, office or business? You actually can’t afford to not have one! Find out what is going on when you are not there at home, your business or office with one of these technical marvels.

Jack Krohn owns ‘Security Solutions’ and has written over 400 articles.

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