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How Can I Earn Extra Income Using My Vehicle

A lot of people want to earn some extra income working from home, but still have the freedom to get out and about, rather than be stuck behind a home office desk. Well, the good news is, there are all kinds of business opportunities to make money using your vehicle without having to be confined to your home or office.

So, if you’re thinking, “how can I earn extra income using my vehicle”, then here are a few ideas to get you started. They are ideas that have worked for other people, so you might find one of them useful. Even if none of these ideas is suitable for you, it might make you think of some other ways to earn extra income.

1. Become a mobile disc jockey

Do you have a wide range of music and equipment? If so, then a mobile disc jockey business may be for you. The service could be in demand for weddings, birthdays and all types of parties. You will probably need your own van to transport the equipment to venues.

2. Start as a mobile manicurist

Use your vehicle to bring your supplies to a clients home or office. This saves them time, and you can charge a premium for this door to door service. Alternately, set up a small manicurist studio from home.

3. Start a mobile pet groomer service

Go right to the pets home, that way, they will feel more relaxed, and you can charge a premium for coming to the client. Offer a range of services to customers and sell pet care products as additional revenue for your mobile pet grooming service. Pets are big business, so there are lots of opportunities to make money in this industry, and why not operate from home. You can keep your costs to a minimum and choose the hours you work.

4. Start a firewood delivery service

Buy good quality wood cheaply, and resell it to your clients at a profit. As well as selling by the cord… sell smaller amounts as well. You need either a large trailer, a truck or possibly a van to deliver the firewood.

5. Dinner party catering

Offer a service whereby you create culinary delicacies for dinner party guests. You provide all the food, arranged on platters or bowls. You could also offer a service whereby you serve all meals, and provide waiting staff in the clients’ home or chosen venue. This could be a lucrative business for someone with the right skills and a suitable vehicle.

6. Mobile tree surgeon

With a little training and experience, anyone can trim, treat, fill and seal tree “wounds”. Start with small jobs and gradually increase as you build confidence and buy more equipment. Take large contracts only when confident and be fully aware of the need for safety and professionalism.

So, as you can see from these few examples, there are numerous ways to earn extra income using a vehicle and running your business from home. See how many other home business ideas you can come up with.

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