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How Fluid Particles Coalesce Through Multiphase Flow System

Multiphase flow system of gas – liquid or liquid – liquid was used experimental measurements and theoretical research in two ways. So far, the two-phase flow and mass transfer phase boundary area has a large number of topics. Basic theory of chemical engineering in recent years, further studies, the measurement of two-phase flow behavior of bubble motion and mass transfer of advanced methods are constantly emerging, the development of computer technology is changing, it all makes it possible to study chemical equipment from the micro occurred within process, so that people study and understand the dispersion process has entered a new phase.

Particles of crystalline and settlement process, microbial or cell growth, cloud and precipitation physics processes, including micro particles (such as droplets, particles, cells, etc.) group, study the dynamical behavior of particle swarm, on the understanding of these important physical processes .The particle system, while there is nucleation, growth, accumulation and micro-behavior, and the existence of particle size distribution. Micro-particle system behavior and particle size distribution of multi-phase system described in the two (multi) fluid model of turbulent closure, and white force is essential. To describe the microscopic behavior and particle size distribution, need to introduce population balance equation.

Coalescence efficiency
Collision part of the bubble or droplet coalescence occurs, and the definition of aggregate at the number of collisions and the ratio of the total number of collisions for the bubble or droplet coalescence efficiency. As the coalescence process is very complex, the existing models are mainly semi-theoretical semi-empirical model.According to coalescence theory, when the collision of two fluid particles, the contact of time (from two fluid particles from the beginning until the time of exposure) is greater than coalescence time (the film thinning began to drain liquid film rupture at any time or less thin to a critical thickness of the time), then the occurrence of coalescence of two fluid particles. Therefore, contact time and the accumulation of fluid particles and the ratio is a measure of the time whether the accumulation of fluid particles and the key parameters, the ratio is larger, the coalescence efficiency is close to 0, and this ratio is small, the coalescence efficiency approaches 1.

Conclusions and Outlook
Two-fluid particle coalescence and the process is usually that there are three steps: (1) two fluid particles near the contact, and hijacked a layer of liquid; (2) The further the two fluid particles close to, the hostage continuously drain liquid, thinning; (3) When a critical thickness of liquid film thinning to occur when the rupture occurred a coalescence. As the film rupture time is very short, usually assume that fluid particles near the contact and film thinning is the coalescence of the main stage, two stages of film thinning stage, especially as the focus of the study. Together and usually refers to the two fluid particles (bubbles or droplets) collide with each other and combined exposure process, rupture and coalescence is the opposite process. Fluid particle coalescence and rupture rate of only directly Jueding Fluid Particle size distribution and interfacial area, but also acts such as the interface is very important impact, affecting many industries DISSOCIATION AND RESPONSE equipment such as oil platforms evaporator, mixed Settler extraction tower, absorption tower, distillation tower, such as multiphase reactor performance and efficiency. Therefore, fluid particle coalescence and rupture rate of problems that have been widespread calls for an important issue.

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