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How Local Search Benefits Your Business

Promoting your business online is critical if you want to get ahead in today’s business world. Almost every business sector that exists is seeing increased competition, and if a company wants to succeed, they need to use the right internet marketing tools to push their business ahead of their competitors. One of the most important tools of this type is overlooked by many people who are new to the internet, and that is the power of local search.

The reason that local search can be so important when trying to promote your business online is because it focuses on bringing people to your website who are what we call ‘qualified’ leads. A qualified lead is someone that is actually in a position to make a purchase, and who is interested in doing so. Too many low quality SEO firms concentrate on driving thousands of visitors to your site who will never make of purchase. This is no value to you. On the other hand, a few visitors that are highly targeted, and looking for a company in their area that performs the service or product that you do, is very valuable indeed.

The good news is that improving how well a site performs in local search is very easy. There are some simple things that you can do which won’t take much time which will start making your site perform better in local search very quickly.

The first thing that you need to do is to optimize your web site itself for local search. The most important element of this is going to be your contact page. You need to make sure that your contact page includes a full address, including a phone number with an area code. You may also decide to display this information on other pages within your site for better results.

The next thing that you can do is to start building links back to your site from pages that count for a great deal in local search. The most important types of sites here are directories. Links back from a Yellow Pages directory which include your full address and a link to your site are going to be very valuable in terms of your local search performance. Also, you should be sure to claim any local business listings that you have in search engines like Google. Then you can make sure they also list correct information and link back to your site.

Author Scott Gallagher is an International Consultant for seo tools. and is also becoming an expert with Local Internet Marketing.