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How to Become a Freelance Writer and Make Six Figures Your First Year

Freelance writing is one of those careers where you can easily break six figures – if you know a few things going in. Many struggle needlessly for years either just eeking by or giving up altogether. Here, we’ll discuss the number one “secret,” if you will, of making six figures – your first year – as a freelance writer.

And the secret is to . . . specialize, then capitalize.

The Road to Becoming a Six Figure Freelance Writer: 2 Reasons to Specialize

Ever wonder why professionals like doctors and lawyers specialize? It’s because it’s easier to make a name for themselves and make money quicker. Let’s look at each of these reasons separately.

Build Client List Faster: When you market yourself as a niche writer, ie, you specialize, it makes it easier to find clients because you can easily hone in on your target market.

For example, let’s say you want to become a real estate writer. It’s so easy to find potential clients to market to. You can start with professional real estate organizations like the National Association of Realtors and the Real Estate Buyers Council.

If you didn’t know any professional organizations to start with, all you have to do is do a Google search, eg, type in the phrase “Professional Real Estate Organizations” and start clicking.

Almost every niche has some type of professional association, so it’s easy to do this type of research to find prospects you can contact about your freelance writing services.

Increase Your Hourly/Project Rate: When you specialize, you can dramatically increase your income -making it much easier to become a six figure freelance writer. How/why?

In essence, you harness knowledge you already have to turn our more work – in less time. The reason is, as you work with the same subject matter over and over again, you save time on research, writing, editing, etc.

This means you turn the project around quicker, which means you make more.

Over time, this will increase your take-home pay more and more, because the more knowledge and experience you gain in a discipline, the faster you work and the more clients you can bring on, etc.

See how specializing can turn you into a six figure freelance writer quicker than not specializing?

Same skill set. Different clients. Higher rate per hour/project.

I experience this first-hand all the time. My SEO writing firm has several clients it writes articles and blog posts for on a weekly and monthly basis. The content covers the same subject matter over and over again.

When these clients first starting using us, it was subject matter that my writers and I were only vaguely familiar with. Almost two years later, we’re practically experts on these clients and their subject matter.

Now, we turn out 400-word articles and a 250-300 word blog posts in 30-45 minutes. Initially, it took anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours.

So, You Want to Be a Six-Figure Freelance Writer Quickly?

Then specialize!

Does it mean that you can’t take on writing projects outside your niche? No, absolutely not. But if you specialize, nine times out of ten, you’ll become so firmly entrenched in your niche that it’s the only type of writing you’ll find yourself doing.

And remember, this is a good thing, as you make more money. And, when you’re striving to be a six-figure freelance writer, every project counts.

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