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How To Become More Than A Handyman

If you have had your handyman business for awhile and want something that is more expansive or you would like to have bigger projects then you should consider expanding to include remodeling and homebuilding in your business. Of course, there will be tighter licensing restrictions and more insurance coverage necessary the rewards can be worth the effort.

As a handyman you have probably done a little of everything, from installing ceiling fans to changing out toilets. Many people find themselves wanting to do larger jobs such as remodeling and additions or even full blown homebuilding, if you have the talent and ability I encourage you to jump right in.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the differences. With your handyman business in many cases you don’t have to worry with any kind of permitting or city ordinance approvals because in most cases you aren’t making any changes to the basic structure of the home. Usually as a handyman you are simply doing jobs around the home that the homeowner doesn’t have the time or ability to do. I know in my area on the Gulf Coast of Florida there are many handymen who keep themselves busy just installing hurricane shutters. That is another consideration that you can think about as well, find a particular niche that you like and are good at that is wanted or needed in your area.

Now, let’s look at remodeling. Remodeling is a step above being just a handyman and not quite to the level of being an actual homebuilder. As a remodeler you will have more stringent legal requirements placed upon you due to the fact that you are usually changing some aspect of the home. If you are adding on an additional room for example you need to be experienced and proficient at tying in the addition to the existing home especially in regards to the roof. Remodeling can be rewarding in itself and for the person who is simply looking for larger projects this can give one a lot of satisfaction.

If you have the talent, ability, and the credit line or capital then you may wish to move into the field of being a homebuilder. Homebuilding can be a very lucrative business if you are very good at it and have reliable and economical help. Personally, I would go more for custom homebuilding for particular clients as opposed to building tract homes and hoping for someone to buy them. Not only is it more profitable to build the custom homes in most cases but safer for you financially.

If you want to take the plunge into remodeling or homebuilding be sure to check into the licensing and insurance requirements for your state.

If you are looking for advice for that home improvement project or looking to start a handyman business check out our site for tips, tool reviews, videos and more.