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How To Build A List Bribing Your Visitors

You probably know that building a list is the real secret to success with most online marketing sites. But just how do you do that? How can you entice a total stranger to give up their name and email address to a site maybe they are visiting for the first time.

Well the simple answer is you need to bribe them. Give them something they want and give it to them for free. It’s done everyday in the offline world of commerce. How many times have you seen a buy one get one free, or free shipping or complimentary consultation or the phrase no obligation used in advertising. The free part is used as both the closer and the list builder. And you can use email marketing programs that will automate the process for you.

Now the next question that pops into your head will probably “what can I possibly give away free?” You’re in this business to make money right, not to give stuff away. And what about the cost of this “freebie”? How much is it going to drain your wallet?

Here’s an idea that covers all the bases. Give them a free report. Let’s say for a moment that you have a lawn care site and you have 20 or thirty pages on all kinds of tips for taking care of your yard. You did a fair amount of research to come up with that content didn’t you? In fact you already have the content for a great report.

Think about it for a moment. Your visitors arrived looking for something about lawn care right? They obviously have lawns and they’re probably looking for ideas on how to either make them the envy of the block, or get help to solve a particular lawn problem. What if you offered them a free report on the “5 Best Tips For A Greener Lusher Lawn” and all they have to do to get this valuable information is fill in their first name and email address in the sign up box. Do you think you’d get some takers?

And the report actually would be pretty easy to do. Remember, they’re looking for information not a Pulitzer Prize novel. Simply pull what you think are the five most important lawn care tips are from your content and put together a tip list. That’s not to say it should be puny. It should have real value or you’re going to lose the visitor as a subscriber. This is your opportunity to make a great impression.

Here’s a little hint to make the report even more informative. Search YouTube on the subject and find three or four good videos and put the links to those videos in your report. Actually it would be best to make those anchor text links and have them open in a new window. You don’t want to lose the reader to YouTube.

Always include a tease at the end to get them back to the site. As an alternative, if you have a newsletter or even occasional tips, invite them to sign up for those as well.

Once you have your report together, you can convert it to a PDF and upload it to a page on your site. Just make sure the page doesn’t show in the menu or in your site map. Now use email marketing programs , such as your autoresponder software to send a confirmation email with a link to that page and then sit back and watch the list grow.

Now that you have built a list you have an opportunity to build trust and a relationship. The profits are sure to follow.

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