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How to Choose Jewelry Accessories?

In addition to select they style that suit for your style, the accessories selection also should pay more attention to buy genuine jewelry. For example, check out the whole jewelry, whether it has a well appearance; whether it has a flexible chain. If buy earrings or brooches, people should pay attention to their pin whether it is solid.

We may careless for necklaces, earrings in our daily life, in fact, these ornaments are easily damaged and need more attention to take care. Don’t wear them to bath, wash or close to the detergent, because the moist water vapor can easily make them contaminate, especially for the complexity designs jewelry that dirty goods seem more like to deposited in the gap.

Perfume is popular among people that called the second skin for women. But it may potentially harmful for decorations. Therefore, people ought to abide the wearing principle after perfume, in order to avoid the volatile chemicals remain in the jewelry and change jewelry’s quality gradually. Hair gel and other styling products will also cause similar damage for jewelry.

Jewelry should be cleaned at regular intervals. They can be soaked in neutral lukewarm soapy water and brush gently with soft brush to remove the dirty goods that attached on the surface, then wash with water and dry the jewelry.

Brand-name goods usually have exquisite and aesthetic interpretation. But if people don’t take care of them when wear every day, it will also lose their brilliance. Therefore, the more valuable jewelry, the more attention should give.

For example, gold jewelry, even pure gold will change in certain circumstances. If use mercury-containing cosmetics or skin care products, the gold surface may become brown or gray, especially the earrings and necklace which are near the cheek and neck. Silver jewelry are easily oxidized and change color to black. It had better wipe with silver cleaning cloth or clean with silver water regular for keeping the stunning character. Crystal products don’t require pay as much attention as other jewelry. Only people don’t break them, there almost have no big problems. If contaminated with oil, try to clean with alcohol or neutral detergent and then dry with clean cloth.

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