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How To Choose The Best Criminal Defence Solicitor

Being charged with a criminal offense is a dreadful thing, but there is no need to panic as untoward events happen in everybody’s life. The law allows a fair trial to everyone and it will definitely do you good to have a competent criminal lawyer appearing for you.

A good criminal lawyer has years of experience and profound knowledge about all aspects of law. But in order to select a good lawyer it is first necessary to know their qualities and working style. Whatever be the criminal case, be it DUI, assault, drugs, domestic violence, fraud etc you could choose a good criminal lawyer by following certain rules.


The first step towards choosing a criminal defence solicitor is making a list of the lawyers in your vicinity. This list can be made by searching on the net for lawyer listings, from lawyer referral services or you can even go by the word of friends who have used the services of a criminal lawyer earlier. Once you have prepared the list, you must try to narrow it down further by considering various factors like convenience of paying a visit etc. For example, those living in Bolton should look for a lawyer within Manchester.


Once you have finished short listing the lawyers you must scrutinise their particulars, such as experience in this field, specialisation and number of cases won as well as their reputation. The details about the lawyers or law firms are available on the internet and you must try to collect the requisite information before approaching them with your case. The information collected will also help you to choose a person who has know-how about the crime you have been charged with.


Do a thorough research about the lawyer by searching online and also try to get court records and articles about the law firm or lawyer. This can help you to narrow down your list to about 2-3 dependable and trustworthy criminal defence solicitors, with a proven track record and many years of expertise in the area of crime you have been charged with.


Checking the bar association’s website to know which lawyer has a better rating in the nearby courts could be useful.


It is very important for you to be able to communicate with your lawyer during the course of the case. Hence, it is necessary while choosing a lawyer, to make sure he comprehends what you are communicating to him.


The final process in the selection of a suitable lawyer is face to face meeting. After narrowing down the list to 1 or 2 lawyers you must fix an appointment with both of them for further discussions. From the face to face meeting you can know if you will be able to have a genial and realistic relationship with the lawyer. While visiting the lawyer’s office you should also try to know if the staff are skilled and qualified, as on many occasions in the future you will be dealing directly with them.

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