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How To Choose Top Resume Writing Services

Finding top resume writing services is not easy and may require some research to get the job done properly. There are some characteristics of resume writing services that are proven to help clients win interviews. Consider these characteristics, tips and advice prior to selecting a resume service:

1. Review The Company’s Website

While this seems intuitive, many job seekers fail to inspect the resume writer’s website prior to hiring the company. The website will reveal insights about the company’s ability to deliver a well-written resume. If the website has typos and grammatical errors, the resume writer will probably deliver a resume that will also have grammatical errors. A website with an attractive layout probably has a person on staff that can deliver a resume with good layout.

Website ranking can also tell the client something about the resume service. Resumes must be written with appropriate keywords to be recognized by resume parsing algorithms. If the service has a high ranking, it is a high probability that someone on staff knows what it takes to get a resume recognized by an algorithm. This is important. A resume that cannot gain the recognition of an algorithm will never reach a Human Resources professional or a hiring manager. Websites provide a wealth of information about the professionalism of a resume writing service.

2. Review Credentials and Testimonials

Verify the company’s credentials and experience. Determine the company’s ability to get people interviews with the resumes produced. Are the resume writers certified writers? What sort of expertise do they have in the resume writing service? Does the company have any sort of guarantee? If so, the company is likely to be reputable.

Reputable companies stand behind the resume generated or offer to re-write the resume. Reputable companies will also offer testimonials from other clients who have received the service. If the testimonials provide favorable results, the company is likely to be reputable.

3. Choose a Resume Writing Service With Best Offering

Reputable resume writing services will offer a variety of services. Some of the most coveted services include: A cover letter, a thank you letter and a salary report in addition to the resume. The packages may also include: In-depth phone interviews, online assessment, review of an existing resume, creation of a web resume, client worksheets, design, layout and resume development. Most services will deliver resumes in five to ten business days.

4. Choose a Resume Writing Service to Fit Your Budget

Reputable writing services do require an investment. The best services cost between $300 and $1000 on average. Some services are more affordable but may not offer the services required to produce results. The goal of any resume is to produce interviews. If the resume is not effective in producing interviews, the resume is not doing its job. A professional is required to ensure the resume achieves each job seeker’s desired goal.

Choose a Resume Writing Service That Can Identify the Candidate’s Strengths

The candidate’s strengths will more than likely get him or her hired. The key to success is finding a resume writing service skilled in identifying strengths and writing resumes based upon strengths. Search online for the best resume writing services available. With a newly written resume in hand, begin your job search.

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