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How To Cloak Affiliates Links

The question will be so how do you protect your commission? An honest answer is that you cannot really stop this from happening yet you can prevent the consistency of it, in a certain way. There is an easy way to cloak your affiliate links without buying an expensive tutorial CDs and software.

You can find an online affiliate linking tool which will do the script for you. Or you can make it by on your own through manually if you have the knowledge of doing so. If you decided to buy software, well then it is good. Firstly, you need to download the folder which has the file name of source zip then you need to open the file test.html and example.html. Open the one which is in a format of a notepad. Then in the 5th line you can see the word affiliate url. You can change it into your own personal affiliate url. Then you can save the file under the name you like.

That is the most basic step in cloaking an affiliate link. But there some other site that offers these services which they have some extra tricks and techniques to process them. Just try to find some hosting websites online and you will understand what I’m trying to explain.

If you are to find some websites that offer this kind of service just follow all the necessary instructions that is given so that it make it easier for you to finish. You can see the url that looks like non-describe characters, this is an entity. You can also change the character. After you have finished doing all these things try to test if it is working.

Yes, those are the ways in creating one. Congratulations, you have just created your cloak affiliate link.
Hope this helps.

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