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How To Find Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Looking for insurance for your car? If you’re trying to find cheap full coverage auto insurance, you’re probably confused by all the different options you have. There are tons of companies to choose from, and each one offers tens of different policies. Spending some time to evaluate your options can really help you get great coverage at low prices, but you still need to know what you’re looking for. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of insurance, and what you need to get low cost auto insurance coverage.

Types Of Coverage

The simplest type of auto coverage is called liability insurance. This covers the cost of damage on other vehicles when you cause an accident. Liability coverage is required for all drivers in the US, and it is the most basic type of coverage you can get. It’s cheap, too. However, it leaves a lot to be desired. Liability coverage doesn’t include any costs of repair for your vehicle or property.

That’s where full coverage auto insurance policies come in. This type of policy can include lots of extras, but starts with collision coverage. Collision coverage covers the cost of getting damage to your own car fixed. It might be cosmetic damage, like a new paint job, or it might be more substantial damage like requiring new engine parts. Collision coverage might include other things, like the cost of renting a vehicle while your car is in the shop.

Full coverage also includes other things like medical coverage. This might pay for doctor costs, hospital bills, or even rehabilitation for you or other people involved in the accident. Full coverage may pay for lost work time due to injury, and may pay for other smaller things like roadside assistance. If you ever need a tire change or other maintenance while you’re on the road, this type of coverage will be great for you.

Getting Covered

Most people can find a good auto policy, but of course you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. How do you get a good deal on cheap full coverage insurance? The first tip is to keep your driving record clean. If you have no tickets, no moving citations, and no DUIs, your insurance will be much, much cheaper. This is the number one way to lower the cost of coverage. Also, look at many companies before you make a decision. Getting quotes can tell you which company will provide you the lowest rates for the same coverage.

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