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How To Find The Perfect Porcelain Wall Tile For Your Home

Tiles are increasingly being used to cover walls and this is not being restricted to the bathroom or kitchen. People are using them to cover outer walls as well due to their wonderful properties of durability, neatness, non-inflammability and easy to maintain hygiene. They have always been popular as mentioned to cover areas prone to wetness but over the years the trend has definitely shifted and people prefer to use them over paint even for dry walls.

Tiles have been around for a long time and they have been constantly evolving to get better in terms of now being available in a plethora of designs, prints, colours and patterns. While ceramic tiles have been the dominant influence and have gone from strength to strength in the manner their applications have grown, porcelain tiles are also being increasingly used by people due to its attributes that are pretty similar to ceramic. People hitherto had not looked at the utility of porcelain beyond attractive show pieces and works of art and that was the main reason for its tepid demand.

Porcelain itself is believed to have originated in China many hundred years ago. It is basically a combination and mixture of sand, clay and various other materials that are heated to very high temperatures to get the cohesive mix. It is this process that confers porcelain with many of its characteristics. The distinctiveness of porcelain has always been its toughness as well as translucence and that is why it was the material used by dentists all these years for dental caps, false teeth and crowns. Its high resistance to chemicals is yet another feature that makes it an ideal material for tiles.

Both porcelain and ceramic make for excellent wall tiles with porcelain wall tiles being used for the traditional areas like the bathroom, kitchen as well as at entrances of houses to provide a touch of decoration and elegance. They have become ideal choices for the kitchen where the maintenance of walls can become an issue due to grease, but thanks to porcelain, the walls can be kept sparkling clean and grime free. In fact, people are using porcelain for floor tiles as well due to its non-slip property and bathrooms as well as kitchens are being graced with such tiles.

From a decorative and aesthetic perspective, wall tiles can do wonders to the interior of the house. Each room can be given a unique identity through clever use of differently coloured wall tiles. The only restriction is your imagination. With so many designs and patterns available, you can create a distinct look for each room. It is of course necessary to ensure that you go for a combination of paint as well as wall tiles to get the right effect.

Porcelain wall tiles are available in a number of price bands based on quality. People on a tight budget and who cannot afford natural stone will do well to go for this option and the investment would be well worth it especially in wet areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and other utility rooms.

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