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How to Find The Perfect Virtual Assistant Client

To find your ideal virtual assistant client, it’s a good business practice to conduct an initial client consultation to determine whether a potential new client is well suited for your virtual assistant business. A consultation will reveal the clients’ expectation of you and your services and you may find the client would be better served by another virtual assistant with different skills.

You’ll want to conduct a brief interview before you begin working with a new client. Most virtual assistants offer a free consultation for the purpose of learning as much as possible about the potential client and their business.

Determine what services they need and what service they would like to outsource to a virtual assistant. Conducting an interview with a potential client is very much like doing an interview before deciding if you want to take a job.

It’s best if you take the lead during the initial client consultation because many clients need help with this process. Many are still unsure of what a virtual assistant can do and may not even know what questions to ask you.

You will also need to stay in charge of the initial consultation to ensure you obtain the necessary information in a timely fashion. There are many people who will talk excessively and may stray from the topic. You will be surprised how quickly 30 minutes can fly by!

Particularly for new Virtual Assistants, careful planning in advance will ensure the consultation process is a success.

A good practice is to have the questions you will ask a potential client planned and written down in advance. You can have a little script written down to guide you as you go through the phone call, but remember to be flexible as every call is unique.

Be clear about your business goals and know who your “ideal virtual assistant client” is before you begin an initial consultation. You are not going to be the best virtual assistant for every client and some clients are not a good fit for any VA.

Take some time to consider who your ideal client is and what questions you need to ask before you start your first consultation.

Here is some information you should collect:

Contact and Business Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Website URL
Brief description of their business

To have the best understanding of their business, take a look at their Website before your consultation. You will not only save valuable time during your phone interview, but you will present yourself as a well-prepared professional who knows how to conduct business.

You have the best chance of finding your ideal virtual assistant client by conducting a good initial consultation with every potential virtual assistant client.

Take plenty of time to thing about who your ideal client is and what questions you want to ask them in your initial interview.

If you need some help, there is an excellent client consultation form for Virtual Assistants that you can use and adapt to your business.

Finding the best virtual assistant clients simply requires a little preparation and a good initial interview.

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