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How To Properly Pack and Protect Framed Paintings

Ensuring Your Prized Canvases Are Transported Damage-Free

Framed painting

People often overlook how much space and effort framed paintings take up. These items need a lot of care and attention to ensure they’re transported damage-free. Fortunately, the right tools and a bit of common sense will mean your prized artwork can move safely and securely.

Equipment Needed

  • Packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Bubblewrap – preferably in rolls
  • Old newspaper/padding
  • Clingfilm

Taking Precautions

For insurance purposes, it’s always useful to have photos of your precious possessions. Moving house is a good opportunity to revise your valuables and ensure you’ve properly documented fragile items. Before you pack, take some photos of your framed paintings incase there are any surprises at the other end.

Small Paintings and Pictures

Smaller frames of a similar size can be grouped together in boxes. The glass and wooden frames still weigh a lot, so don’t feel like you have to cram them all in one container.

Before you pack your frames, line the bottom of the box with newspaper, bubblewrap or other padding. Keep some in reserve to slot between items, ensuring no two frames touch each other. It’s especially important that glass frames are given adequate padding, and that the box is snugly packed so that your items don’t jump around in transit.

Large Framed Paintings

Larger items need special treatment. Begin by clearing a space on your floor, then take your clingfilm and wrap your frame from top to bottom.

Next, place a large sheet of bubblewrap on the floor and put your painting on top of it. Continue to wrap the painting in bubblewrap from one side to another, ensuring the front gets a particularly heavy layer. This is where a roll of bubblewrap (and an assistant to help turn the painting) comes in handy.

Cut off the bubblewrap and tape the loose ends tight. Next, rotate the painting 90 degrees and repeat the same process. Now the frame should be wrapped top to bottom and side to side.

You might want to give special attention the edges. We like to bunch up old newspapers and tape it to each corner. This ensures they’re nice and soft and nothing will get damaged by sharp edges. There are plenty of other uses for old junk mail – from floor protection to packing foam – so don’t throw it away before the move.

It’s also possible to get specialist foam protectors, although you’ll need to take measurements to ensure you get the right size.

Moving With Your Paintings

Don’t tempt gravity – when you load your paintings on the moving van, make sure they sit vertically, not flat. Do so by inserting them between soft furnishings or at the edges of the van. Some professional moving companies have specialist straps that hold large items to the side of the walls. If that’s the case, make good use of them!

And that’s it! With the right tools and a bit of professional know-how, you can transported your paintings safely and hassle-free. Best of luck!