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How to Reduce Video Marketing Anxiety as a Woman In Business

Many people, including a lot of women in business, get all wound up as soon as they think about creating a marketing video. The countless cheerful recommendations on the net about “keeping it real” tend to get lost in your anxiety about looking unprofessional or amateurish when you make that first video.

But here’s a secret for you, in case you’ve forgotten it: You can always edit!

Editing is the best feature about video marketing. You get to have all the fun of making the video. And then you can sit there and cut out every bit you don’t like, or tighten up the “script”, if there’s a point where your dialogue on screen seems to drag.

If you’ve forgotten something, you can insert it. Easy!

If a large proportion of your target market are visual learners, you can insert second mini-videos by simply dragging and dropping new clips into your story line, showing them examples of what you’ve just been explaining.

And if you’re demonstrating how to use a physical product for example, your video is about candle making, you may not even want your actual recorded sound track at all, for some sequences. You can replace those screeching truck noises from the highway, the sounds of your kids fighting in the background and your neighbour yelling at his dog with appropriate music.

So there you are:

You’ve explained how to use the candle making tools, and now you’re going to demonstrate how to melt the wax and create a gorgeous shape. Segue in the music, speed up the action so it’s not dragging on and on, and just show them 1 minute of you actually doing some candle creating, at your sped-up pace.

Much more entertaining than real-time slow, methodical wax shaping with trucks roaring by, don’t you think?

Let’s cover a few tips for Inserting Missing Information

If you’ve forgotten to include some key point in your video, it’s easy to go back and insert it. Just shoot the “missing bit” and drag and drop into your storyline.
If it’s something as simple as forgetting your URL at the end of the video, this is easy as pie: However, if what’s missing is you explaining a key point in your “How To” video, you’ll need to make it look as if the new section wasn’t thrown in later as an afterthought.

The first way to keep it consistent is easy:

Just wear the same clothes and accessories and make sure your hair looks identical to the way it was in your original video. But there’s a second part to this, and people often fail to include it.

Make sure your lighting and set up is identical.

If you shot your video outdoors, it means waiting for the same sort of weather or light setting, or shooting the “fill in” segment at the same time of day. If you shot the original video indoors and there is any source of natural light entering the room, the “same time of day” rule also applies; but you shouldn’t have to worry about weather (unless your video was shot on a bright day, and there’s an abnormally dark thunderstorm rolling in).

Here’s another tip that’s often overlooked. If you have a clock behind you or in view, make sure you adjust the time to be consistent with your original video.

Remember to take notes.

This brings us to our last tip: Make notes about your video, as soon as you’ve shot it! Include things like the time of day, camera settings, lighting details and any special elements you must remember.

But if you’re really not happy with that first video, and all else fails, you can always go for the ultimate “edit” of all.

You can simply re-shoot!

Finally, it’s a total waste of energy to experience anxiety when it comes to video marketing. Just be you, present your topic in a succinct fashion and your video shooting and marketing experiences will be anxiety free.

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