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How to Save Hours a Week, Be More Focused And a Lot More Productive

Within the next few minutes you will hear a secret that changed my life quite a bit. It was no drastic change, though it helped me save hours a week and got me to do much more work for my business too.

The reason why I want to share this is because of the big amount of pressure and stress this world evokes on people like you and me. This little secret will sure come you handy, especially when you are trying to start up a new business, on the internet.

A problem which you might haven’t discovered yet …

You probably already know that almost anybody on the internet publishes a newsletter, and that’s actually a good thing. People all around the world send their information to you for free. But there is also a downside to that story, which is the time is consumes to shift trough all kinds of articles, newsletters, blatant promotions and more.

And please believe me that this really is a problem. It’s a problem because you spend countless hours a week reading all those promotions, ads and gimmicks. You are wasting those hours to those self-proclaimed guru’s who want to make a buck or two for a six pack of beer.

But in the meantime you can do an enormous amount of work for your business. Hours a week can mean another two or three pages of content, extra subscribers to your list, some interviews for information product, and much more!

You need to take action now!

It’s time to unsubscribe of all these newsletters and advertisements. And now pick out five of your favorite newsletters. The ones that give you the most information and the less ads. Those that are focussed on your market, your niche or your situation.

But that was only the first part of the solution!

Second part is to make a new email account dedicated to those five newsletter subscriptions, something like or maybe you can try Gmail and setup a Filter for the newsletters. (Don’t have gmail? Subscribe to my newsletter and mail me for an invitation!)

And last but not least, the third part! I recommend you to read your newsletters and other emails only at specific times. Like 3 or 4 times a week, at 8 PM. Another handy tip could be to setup a timer when reading emails and only give yourself 30 minutes to read the newsletters.

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