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How to Ship from the US to Canada in the Least Time

When you’re dealing with international shipment, the automatic assumption is that it is going to be much more time consuming than shipping domestically. This doesn’t have to be the case though. If you are doing business with the right Chicago messenger service, you should be able to find that it doesn’t take any longer to ship to Canada than it does to ship to equally distant locations within the United States. There are several different types of services that you can look for when it comes to Canadian shipping.

One of the services which is best for shipping from the US to Canada is a next day courier service. Many companies offer this, and using a combination of ground and air services they should be able to complete your delivery by the end of the day following the one where you place your order. In order to receive this type of service, you will generally have to put in your request for service sometime before noon the day that you hope to have your package picked up.

There are faster options available which also provide you with Canadian delivery. Most major cities in the United States now feature a courier company that can offer you a same day delivery service anywhere in North America. Keep in mind that if you’re hoping to enjoy this type of service you will have to put your order in very early the day that you want to ship your goods. Because the delivery must be completed that same day, the cut of times are typically a few hours earlier than those that you would see in a next day delivery service.

The next option that you have is an NFO service. This stands for next flight out, and is in most cases the fastest shipping option that you are going to have over a long distance. When shipping NFO, your courier will use commercial airlines to get your package on the very first plane which is going to your destination city.

Your final, and fastest, option for shipping to Canada is simply going to be an emergency courier service. This is an option that will combine all of the available methods that a courier might use during same day or NFO shipping in order to get you the fastest available shipping time, period. If speed is all you’re worried about, then this is the service you will want to order.

Corey Michaels is a consultant for Chicago Messenger Service and chicago courier companies as well as national courier service businesses.