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How to Use Yoga for Increased Fertility

Yoga has been recognised as providing many positive results for the regular practitioner, including increased fertility. I was surprised to hear this (not to mention that I am a man, so had missed any conversation about this within my close circles!). But my niece recently informed me that yoga can do much for the over 40s who are looking to conceive and ‘make a baby’ in later years.

My niece told me that as she is almost mid 40s – she was on her last lap when it came to fertility and had been looking into ways that would increase her chances of pipping the ticking clock to the post. She is already a real exercise fanatic, working out with high impact classes that make me break out in a sweat to just think about them. Ella is her name and she was under the impression that plenty of exercise would keep her body young and she’d be more likely to score the jackpot when it came to fertilising one of her eggs.

After a discussion with one of her online acquaintances, she decided to take a change of direction and take something on that was a little more relaxed. She was told that her pelvic region would benefit from increased circulation and she’d also feel less stressed due to yoga’s relaxing nature. Here are some of the poses that she was told would assist her in her quest to become an older mother:

The Lotus position. This pose is great for stimulating the entire pelvic region. The bladder, spine and abdomen all benefit in addition to the pelvis. By sitting cross legged and bringing the foot over the thigh, the pelvis is opened and this can also help with childbirth.

The Bridge position. This pose is an approach from a completely different angle, and therefore strengthens the abdominal muscle from the other direction. It’s known to help to calm the mind and is very beneficial when it comes to stress. Begin the pose by lying on the floor. Raise you knees until your feet are flat on the floor and raise the buttocks to form a “bridge”.

The Reclining Hero position. Again this pose is good for opening up the pelvic region and stretching the abdominal muscles. Start by kneeling on the floor. Place the buttocks between the legs and then very slowly lean backwards until you are lying on the floor. This is a pose that experienced yoga practitioners do, so you may need some support if you are new to it. Try using a bolster pillow or even something higher to lean back on initially.

Yoga has many benefits and if you are looking to be less stressed, more relaxed and in tune with your body especially when it comes to increasing fertility, preparing for conception and childbirth, then you can’t go wrong with it. However, as with any new exercise program, you should discuss with your general practitioner before getting started.

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